Disappearing Act

To the edge of the bed he pulled her

Her head hung off just a bit, waiting for him

He stands over her, leans forward

Places one foot next to her head

She takes him, loves him

Grabbing his thighs tightly

He gives and gives her

He disappears inside her
soulrunher soulrunher
46-50, F
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I most certainly did NOT miss this one. It deserves a bit more attention and several more rate ups.

*closes eyes and dreams*

nicely erotic


a good job in only those 50 words. got the blood flowing

Missed this one. Whew! Not a good day to find it, that's for sure. LOL. Hot story hot stuff.

In need of a magician are ya? LOL

Abra cadabra!

omg wow

Beautifully explained the experience

Well....I just lost my train of thought...


Huh? You were saying?

It's difficult typing with one hand.....

Hehee! :))

you are so full of surprises!! love it

That's me. One surprise after another. :)


Thank you!!!

*giggles* Good girl!

*shields eye's from very erotic story*

Wait! That was 50 words? Already? Noooooo!!!!!!

You need more?

Needs are sometimes buried beneath the wants.

Oh I see. :)

Now you see.....now you don't aaahhhhhh!!!!


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I enjoyed it - thank you for posting!

Thanks :)


erm...well...ok im off

No good? No like? :)

*long wanting sigh*

Heheee! Hugs

ouchie and i dont want to feel dizzy from my head hanging off i wanna pillow-whine whine whine-Thanks for your story lol.


Love it Soul......

Later, he massages her sore neck.

Yea, that would be a great ending too! LOL

Love your title.....Magic....XXXXX

Didn't know you are talented!

LOL..well that's a matter of opinion! :)

Look at you all humble ;)