Hot Shower Part 3

She slides down his wet body. Rubbing her breast on him. She wraps her warm mouth on his ****. Slowly he starts ******* her mouth. She looks in his eyes, knowing she is giving him so much pleasure. He pulls out and shoots her in the face with his hot seed.
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Part 4 is posted

Good thing she was in the shower!

Damn.... I must find this shower you all are talking about....
Or maby I will go wait in lilred's..... Lol

It's a nice shower lol. I'm sure lilred would enjoy it!

Maby we should both come over! Lol

Are you sure that shower will hold everyone. This girls got a bump in the way.

Hmmm we may have to be a little

Or find Bigger shower

Now you are thinking! Hmmmm multiple shower heads.... This may get interesting!

That would be nice

Should we send out invitations?

Oh yes the more the merry

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