Bedtime Story- Sated
They lie Tangled together, His deep voice Rumbles up her Spine and makes her laugh Softly. Quietly he Speaks to her with no Voice, Telling a Story with soft Touches across her Skin. His Lips brush the back of her Neck, his Touch softly Whispering what she Needs to Hear.
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communication without words is so damn sexy....
amazing how a touch, a sigh, a shiver can tell you a story in a split second....
the best thing is......usually those stories have such a beautiful ending....
nicely done my friend....

thank you S. they sure do.. *grins*

Thought I would try this... see whose story is more.. ummm tintillating.. here goes.. grins
They lie near each other completely untangled, His high pitched squeaky voice tingles up her Spine like fingernails on a chalkboard and makes her scream loudly. He yells over her screaming with his high pitched, squeaky voice, telling a Story with hard pinches across her Skin. His Lips bite the back of her Neck and she smacks him, his Touch loudly yelling what she is trying to tune out.

Excited to see how sexy everyone thinks my version is.. beaming proudly.

THAT was torture to my eyes.

totally changes my point of view. *grins* dang.... hey nailed my job interview... start Thursday. *smiles*

thank you.... *wiggling with glee*

I am glad you all loved my little foray into erotica.. SK.. read and learn... grins.. and congratulations... :))))))

That was truly horrid Red.. I'm sorry.. but .. just terrible. it kinda made me want to curl up in a ball and die... *laughing*

heh.. dying laughing is not the worst way to go...laughs...

sobbing softly as it slowly sinks in that the masses are not turned on by my erotic story..sighs... (manly tears)

well two is hardly "the masses" but so far, of the people who have commented it's a 100% epic fail.... *grins*
I know you can do better than that....

are you 100% positive that you are not jealous? grinning hopefully... I mean.. I thought I captured the essence of true romance?

100% positive.

oh.. sighs...

lol... it's ok sweety.. we'll just forget this one ever happened. one bad thing out of many good ones is acceptable.. *soft smile*

okay.. good idea... please don't tell anyone.. poetry will forget.. you know.. her memory is not what it used to be...sighs.. poor thing... and as long as only you and I know.. heh.. we can even pretend that it was amazing.. :)

well... i wouldn't go that far... just think of it as one of those things you'll look back on and cringe a little... and then nervously laugh it off... *smiles*

so we are not going with amazing? just clarifying...smiles.

We are SO not going with amazing... unless we follow it up with "-ly horrid"
*smiles apologetically*

amazing.... ly horrid.. oh wait.. wow.. that is not what I was hoping for..sighs... this pretend thing is tougher than I thought... grrrrrr
so if I were to post my story, it wouldn't cause women to swoop at my feet? or swoon? or swop? geesh.. this is all very confusing.. :(

i don't think so.... but you could always try... there's some pretty messed up woman in here...*grins*

*bristles* he does not need a perfectly horrible woman...

lol... just saw this... . Red never lies Cyn... and is never wrong... see #Redisneverwrong.. there are quite a few other hashtag things out there regarding him... some of them are best never said out loud.. *grins* ;P

seriously.. I was wrong once... hmmmm..... I think it was 1972.. cold blustery february morning.. big hand was on five and the little hand on 4. Was pretty sure that school would be cancelled due to the howling wind and spitting balls of ice that grownups called sleet. I reached over and grabbed my comforter that my grandma had made for me and cuddled up tight.. huge smile on my face... a day without school.. the shadows from the light created an interesting v pattern on the south wall and the hum of the furnace kicking on reminded me of a very special little league baseball game the previous june.. I was 10 and a pitcher in the 9 - 10 year old league and I was up against my nemesis.. he had two balls and two strikes as I looked in at the catcher. A fly ran across my vision and I hesitated and caught my breath, before sending a sizzling 41 mph fastball low and outside.. that he was dumb enough to swing at and miss.. strike three... anyway.. that thought had a smile on my face that crept all the way up to my hairline and I was feeling awesome.... I wish I could remember details.. never my strength you know.. oh anyway.. and then.. oh wait... geesh... sorry.. we did NOT have school that day.. I wasn't wrong... sigh of relief.. okay SK.. you are right.. never wrong.. big smile.

Oh I did lie once... let me see.. it was 1967.. well.. sorry.. I do ramble.. will not bore you with that one... grins

*laughing* hey Red... you're back... *grins*

you found this.. was just emailing you that the worst post ever to be found on an erotica story post was now on here... grins.

oh yeah... i'm quick like that.. Have a great week... and weekend... probably won't get to talk to you till monday.. *hugs*

will be praying for your weekend at work.. hugs

thank you. *smiles*

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Hands trace curves in not so secret places to quiver your heart and warm your soul, followed by tongue with hands combing your lovely hair feeling you rise and fall and rise and fall and touch eternity fills me with joy, fills me with anticipation and desire, drowning my heart.


Well done.this says alot-you choose words well.

thank you very much. *smiles*

...and to think,you only used 6 ^@#$%-ing expletives!

*laughs* I did?

ahem-the DIRTY words...whispering...spine...
I can't go on~blush

ahhhh..... i see... *not quite sure smile*

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i think your stories should come with air-conditioning ;-)

*laughs* Thanks K... ;)

*fans self* you're welcome!

Nicely done.

*smiles* thank you.

You realy have a way with words. Love it

Thank you. *smiles*

"His deep voice Rumbles up her Spine " is but one great line,from a great story,told in 50 words no less.

Thanks Diggler *grins*