She took him in her mouth coaxing forth what she desires. He moans loud as her mouth moves up and down his hardness. She moves faster and he grips her hair pushing deeper in her throat. His big load empties into her throat. She swallows like a good girl should...
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2 Responses Apr 29, 2014

Now ....where did i leave that crash helmet.....

**peeks under table..**

ohhhhh myyyyyy !!!!!!! **raises eyebrows**

Actually giggles...xx

Looking good nonetheless xx ;) xx

I need to change my name to good girl bee then lol

I think others would say different about you bring a good girl lol.

Im a good bad girl lol

Lol I'm not sure about you having Any good in you. I think your horns got bigger rofl

**giggles at this thread**
😈 xx💋💋

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