The sun shines down on their nude bodies. His hard shaft enters her slowly. He looks down into her dark brown, passion filled eyes.. He grabs her hips lifting her. He pounds into her heated center til it clamps down around him. Her juices flow as she screams his name.
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He smiles as she comes over, they kiss, embrace, the hug seems to go on for ever. The anticipations grows, just as much as the smile on his face!

They break the kiss. She looks up into his eyes, he smiles, brushes her hair back, nuzzles the back of her neck and whispers softly into her ears - Honey this night is for you. He rolls her over, pulls out a bottle of scented oil, kneels down over her and starts a massage of the back of her shoulders.

He works on the sides of her back just below the shoulders, he works his way down through the small tissue are of her back. He notices that her breathing has slowed and she has relaxed. He works his way down to her lower back. He notices that her legs part a little bit with the anticipation of what may come next. His hands work the backside of her thighs. Then he lightly tickles the backside of her knees. She slightly raises up to let him know the anticipation is killing her. He acknowledges by sliding up along her back. She can feel him and they both know what each other wants, but not yet! as he lightly blows on the backside of her neck.

He takes out a nearby towel, makes sure his hands are nice and dry, slowly rubs his hands though her hair while lightly breathing in her left ear. He blows on the back of her neck. He uses his fingers to gently caress her spine. Gently sliding his fingers up and down. About half way down the back, then back up. Down again, this time just a little bit further finally after an agonizing amount of time his hand finds its way to her backside. He warms a significant amount of oil in his hands and then once again his hands begin to work some magic. She slowly raises up with anticipation of what maybe next. By this time she is on her hands and knees, but he just runs his hands softly through her hair as he gently rolls her over. He hugs her as he goes in for a long passionate kiss. are really on a roll today!

I'd say your test was very, very sucessful...I'm hooked now

lol....oh...I understand that comment entirely. Lets both hope the movie holds their attention.