Oh god!!! yes! yes! yes! you are so hot! suck my ****! Stroke it now faster faster!! I want to taste your *****! mmmph mmph! can't breathe! oh yeah oh yeah faster, faster, harder!! i'm going to ***! oh yeah oh god yesssssssss! was it good for you? good night.

ihaveanameitsrick ihaveanameitsrick
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hmmm interestin... lol

Rick-I'm a little out of practice but I did write one and I thought I would go over 50 words...whew!! I made it...Stalk no more its out there :)

you bet i did TP<br />
<br />
hmmm guess i'll have to stalk snowy and see what story she is talking about LOL

Always a compliment for you my friend! Ummm now I am thinking of a story ;)

IHANIR is what some use or others just say Rick LOL<br />
<br />
thanks for the comment mewold and floydian and especially snowy i'm going to take her comment as a compliment LOL

Ihaveanameitsrick, yeah mewold, its tiring.

Rick- how typical! LOL

Hey, Ihaveanameitsrick, 1st, let my say that your user name is 17 keystrokes long and I had to rest my fingers after I typed it. So if you have a nick name. like erm....I have......., I wish I knew it. 2nd, I like your story, expecially the part where I was comming, because I haven't done that in several days. 3rd, I like your gentlemanly thoughtfullness, in saying good night. I guess I should rethink my habit of pulling out, wipeing my d!ck on her leg, rolling over and going to sleep. All in all, your story was both funny and instructional. Good job, ihaveanameitsrick. Now my fingers are really tired.

thanks brut i don't know about great but i think its pretty funny LOL

Yeah, I think it is even sadder that a fake person has nothing else better to do. I mean, they could be fighting crime, or curing cancer, solving the debt crisis, uniting the world...<br />
No, all they can do is insult people and insert themselves into stories because they have no friends off of the computer...Rick, you are nice.<br />
Great and funny story :-)

i know that's right. if i don't know you, we don't have a relationship, you can't bother me too much.

on many days their comment may have bothered me if it had come from someone i knew it would have bothered me but today i'm in a reasonably good mood and the thoughts of someone hiding behind a fake profile really don't bother me at all LOL

i enjoyed it too. if people don't like it, they should skip it.

thanks nude apparently we have another one of those people who has nothing better to do than judge others. just another fake profile trying to hurt people

Indeed, it has been very good fun!

LOL lighten up c2 its all in good fun

i am so sorry, your so sad and have to do stupid things like this.

I think you should put the ZZZZs at the end. Dasmuggler wouldn't mind. And I think it would put a new spin on your erotica!!

i actually thought about that after i posted it and i was thinking about going back and editing it to put that in but now it would be plagiarism since you came up with the idea smuggler LOL

Great stuff, if you would be great if you remove one of the "yes" then you could put "ZZZZZ" at the end ha ha

thats why the ladies love me PT its certainly not my money good looks or skills as a lover so it must be my manners LOL

well i'm just a model of the perfect man i certainly would not forget to say good night before slipping into pleasant dreams (probably about other women but she wouldn't have to know that LOL)

LOL!!!! Rick! Your talent for writing erotica is unmatched!! ;-) I especially love the end... hehehe!!!

Wooh I am still trying to count all the yes in it, lol, maybe you just described a man's point of view, but what was that cant breathe? Dude I need to live on! ;P

I think that they are enjoying so thoroughly that they are refraining from commenting until they can settle down!

i guess no one else likes my story LOL

Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaa, that is so funny!

she was sitting on my face LOL

So true! Especially the can't breathe part. Must have had a stuffed nose that evening! lol