What's The Topic?

We'll all help you but we need to know what to write about first!  lol
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17 Responses Jun 21, 2010

I would have never picked you as a sports watching person Jo... you are full of surprises. How's you know who?

WG by the time we have all dropped by with our thoughts<br />
we wld have hit the word limit lol. Roj, intriguing logo out with the<br />
green and in with the... colour change lol.

I remember the previous world cup when the Aussies were unfairly<br />
dismissed by the Italians the dive in the fleeting moments of the match....<br />
well, everything was history...<br />
<br />
I love the aroma of pipes, the woody leathery scent unhealthy but it can be hip u<br />
twentysomethings, women have taken to the pipe of peace. Unhealthy? In moderation<br />
nb girls WG, it may sound eccentric but certainly is relaxing...

Awww, thanks Jo.<br />
<br />
Lucky you...sounds like a lovely holiday...and I hear that the weather has been warm...well done!

I have taken a summer with my sunlounger, travelling in the UK, working, etc. it's been<br />
busy but beautiful...well we are through thank goodness, I do feel for the French though<br />
glad the Yanks and Brits r through. WG, have u ever watched tennis u must nb<br />
Philip. the Tank, an Aussie tennnis pla<x>yer....?????<br />
Henman Hill is better than having a ride on The Eye...<br />
Nice to see that Roj has changed his logo, u two r just one pair of gd friends....

Jophene! Where you been woman??? Yep the Roj and WG family and soccer fans...been getting up at very odd hours to watch the world flog the Aussie...lol...

I wonder whether this young lady cld help...indicates logo...nice one WG,<br />
brings a smile to my face. Topic?????<br />
Where is the suggestions box?lol A vacation from EP?<br />
I'll keep u posted, many warm greetings to Aus.<br />
WG, is anyone down under watch the Aussies kicking ball in the World Cup?

Hmmmm....something else to write about...

OOooOoo...so you are still seeing him?

No....the one with the very cute guy!

.....hmmmmm....secrets :)

Me too! (must remember to ask WG what this is about...)

Hey you never up dated me with the home visit! I WANT TO KNOW!

And that next time you wouldn't be so honest and diligent with your diary entries!

LOL....I can think of lots of things that would make it entertaining for them to read....but I don't think they want to know these sort of details ;)

Was it that it's pretty difficult to manage the family, your mother, and full-time placement, and an EP habit too?