The First Completed Book

A few friends and I have challenged each other to write a book in 30 days. The start date is September 7th. WE plan to write at least 10 pages a day, we will not be concern about spelling and grammer errors, just meeting our goal. Because most novels now are around 300 pages, this is final goal. The print (font) can not be larger than Arial 12 pt.
I believe everyone that desired to write a book, should join the challenge, just to get a feel for writing.
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10 pages a day?

Damn I make like 5 pages a month.

On reflection I think the STD's should be personalized and even be narrators. That would be cool.<br />
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Hey Jonsey, <br />
10 pages a day is a tall order. I would love to do it but I dont think I could do 10 a day; 3 maybe 5 max.<br />
P&L<br />

Kman44 I think you are on to something.<br />
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My husband passed 8 months ago and he left 27 journals for my children and me. He has also left some tape recordings (when he was unable to write) I want to sort through these and write a book about our life.

Okay, here is what you should do: <br />
1. They said no font larger than 12? **** them, make it 18.<br />
2. Write the story about a group of homosexual men who have to face oppression and the challenges of the modern world, such as STD's, terrorist attacks, and economic troubles. It would be best to use your friends names; it saves the time of thinking of names. <br />
3. The POV should be third-person.<br />
4. A good outline for the story would be them surviving a christen/muslim bombing at a gay nightclub in Miami, and meet each other after words. After they find out that they all have a large number of STD's, you can spend around 10 pages explaining what happens next, if you know what I mean. (Be sure to include the details of what the STD's are!)<br />
5. After that, make it so that they have to deal with the economic troubles after that night, because the cocaine was expensive as hell. They could end up living in a small motel room, and working in the male prostitution business, but over the internet for a modern twist. Then, they are double crossed by the drug dealer, and catch a plane that leads them to a new life in London.<br />
<br />
What do you think? Constructive critisism is welcome.

NaomiBGand2chn, have you considered just starting with the voice you are more comfortable with and see how it goes?

I actually want to write a book.... a love story, but I don't know how to organise it. I have the characters and several pivital events but I don't know whether one starts at the death scene and does a flashback for the story or writ the story in chronological order. Who is the *voice * for the story....the girl or guy or neutral person><br />
<br />
Any suggestions?