A Love Story

Some friends have been encouraging me to write a book.   It is to help me through my period of grief.

My husband was well known on EP and in our local community, but not a celebrity, so a biography wouldn't be appropriate.

It was suggested i write a love story, using my life with my husband, and our courtship, as the basis.   We did have an unusually good relationship, and our courtship has raised many warm comments on his stories.

fact is, i really don't know a lot about writing a book, though I have a lot of material because he has left us nearly 20 years worth of journals: some he wrote when he was in college, some are written specifically for each of our children and one he began specifically for me.

Any ideas about how to approach this project?     Any budding authors out there?   Anyone ever tackled a similar project?
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Yes, there isn't anything we can leave behind for our loved ones except memories.

Wow...these are journals also ! And please believe me when I say they are precious and will help those left behind.<br />
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BG has had I crying, laughing and rolling around the floor . His writings have been some of our biggest blessings

This sounds like an interesting idea. I wish you well. I am doing things from a little different angle. I am putting together all my EP stories to be given to each of my children to pass on to their children. I may never know my grandchildren. My children do not know my father or mother. I want my grandchildren to know who and what I was. Of course, they won't be able to read most of it until they are over the age of 18. lol

Thanks Linda.<br />
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At first I went to the library and borrowed loads of biographies - both male and female- then read the opening chapters of each.<br />
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My problem is that I have TOO much information from which to draw. I have nearly 40 journals and some tape recordings as well as Tobias's entries here on EP.<br />
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My suggestion would be to write in several small school exercise books - reserving each for a specific topic or phase of his life. That way you can pick up an individual book and work only on the section it represents. Then when you have finished, each book becomes a chapter .<br />
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I was advised to write/ publish my story as a romance novel to reach more people .

Dear Naomi,<br />
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You book sounds like it will be the best love story ever written. You are so blessed to have your Husbands Journals. I would give almost anything to have Journals from my Husband, but he never wrote much of anything. So I do absolutely treasure all of the Birthday, Anniversary, Valentines Day, Christmas and Special Occasion cards he gave to me. I wish I could help you start your book, but I'm not sure how to even begin to write mine either. But what my Husband went through, no one should ever have to go through. So in the back of my mind, something just keeps prompting me to write our story. I think about it constantly, but don't have a clue where to begin.<br />
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I wish you the best possible luck with your book. I'm sure Lorraine could help you quite a lot in this area.<br />
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God Bless You,<br />
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thank you mbrcarner. I have made a start - some random thoughts I will turn into chapters. I've also been told the arrangement of chapters can come much later during editing.

Just start from how you two meet. Then go from there. In clouding the journals that you have. I have been writing a story that's ba<x>sed on a dream that I had. I hope that will help you out.