5 years ago my life changed dramatically.  I was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) Brain Tumor, Grade IV, and underwent 8-hours of wide-awake brain surgery, followed by chemotherapy and radiation.  A pulmonary embolish then occurred - greatly impacting my vision and creating partial paralysis on the right side of my body.

After nearly 2 years in a wheelchair, today I have regained not only the ability to walk again, but also run, ski, dance, bike and swim.  I maintain a vigorous physical therapy program.

I work extensively with my speech therapist to overcome speech aphasia and have made tremendous progress.  I recently presented a testimonial at Challenge Alaska thanking them for their therapeutic ski program and for helping to make dreams come true.  Motivational speaking engagements this last year also included the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Raven's Ball at the Alaska Center for the Blind and numerous schools throughout Anchorage.  

On Easter Sunday 2007  (My own emotional Resurrection Day)  I met Carole Chambers. She was a volunteer ski coach for Challenge Alaska. We fellin love and  married on Maui on November 13, 2008. We have made many plans for our future, including writing an inspirational book.

My motivation is:  "I am compelled to reach out now and help and help others." 

Current Update:

In February 2010 I celebrated my survival and remission at the 5 year mark.

Then, in March, my MRI revealed that the tumor had returned, now inoperable due to close proximity to my brain stem.

I am now on a chemo regimen and receive bi-weekly infusions of Avastin and CPT-11.

My attitude:

I love life.
My faith in God and faith in the potential for a cure remains strong.
My deeply supportive family bonds sustain me.
My son, Chas, now age 13 (5'10", Size 12 shoe, & still growing!), is and will always be my chief source of inspiration.
Our thanks to all our doctors and nurses at Duke University Brain Tumor Center, UCSF, Providence Hospital and Alaska Native Medical Center.
Countless angels have touched our lives in amazing ways. 
Carole & I cherish every precious day.
God Bless You.

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2 Responses Aug 13, 2010

God bless you Charlie and all of yours, this is wonderful. :)

Dear Charlie, I am inspired by your ability to overcome such an enormous trial of your faith. I wish you and your family many blessings. I shall pray that you are able to embrace whatever God has planned for you,<br />
Love,<br />