I Know I Am Suppose To Write A Book. Then I Will Finally Be Done With My Tasks Of Life

I still need to take a peek at what you guys wrote.  But I am one of the lucky few that knows my future journey outline, though the trials and troubles will be the same as always, out of the blue.  I want to write a book or workbook that helps others find their own spiritual path, not the ones adopted by what they were told and taught...to think of all the various beliefs in the world that are taboo in other places.  To adopt what feels like their own deep truths, found thru teachers found along the way, that can shine a bit of believable light that helps them with their next step in evolving and accomplishing what they came here to do.  I want to write the truths that I have found, not expecting that any one adopt them, but ponder what I have to say and see if it helps you on your journey.  I have been lucky to stumble upon wiser than me people that I adopted part of what they had to say becuase it just hit that chord deep inside me as truth.  I do not believe in following main stream beliefs, I will discover the one that is right for me.  It makes family and others mad when you do not conform to their truths, but I am tired of being told untruths.
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My name is Tom Nicholson and I am in the process of creating my website www.share-my-story.org.uk and would appreciate if you would consider including your story. If you visit my website you will hopefully appreciate my vision and I want stories like yours to help realise this.<br />
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I look forward to reading your book...