The Book Of Stupid 4th Story Page 6

Mr.Awesome thought of an Idea to get himself and his buddies out of the Camel litter, he said " lets eat it and become a Triple Whopper so we can smell the red cheese!" and they asked, "is the red cheese mean..Satan?" Mr.Awesome replied "He maybe sexy, but hes not my women's milkshake! so they ate all the litter, and they become huge.

Mr.Awesome said to them, "Your Momma so fat! She comes from the dark side and made you into a white smoothy pimple!! and they replied "Your momma so fat shes bigger than her own Family Tree!!!" and he replied "YOUR MOMMA SO FAT!!!! I'M THE ONE WHO GIVE BIRTH TO HER AND POTTY TRAIN HER TO TEACH YOU HOW TO MAKE ME A SANDWICH AND MAKE A FOOTBALL STADIUM FOR THE THREE LITTLE PIGGY TEAM AND HIRE YOUR MOM TO BE PART OF THE CHEERLEADERS AND THERE WILL BE MILLIONS OF MCDONALD SNACK SHACKS AND MAKE DOORS INTO CAVES AND FRY 50,000 FANS INTO FISH STICKS!!!!!!!!" and they stop and one of them fart out of kitty litter, so they fart at each-other and shoot kitty litter at each-other until they get drown again, and they eat it again and fart all the kitty litter out of the box, they climb out of the box and they saw a walking toaster and its one of Mr.Awesome's living creation.

Mr.Awesome said to the Toaster, "ITS CHICKEN ROCKET BUCKET!!!!! how Chicky get here?" and the Toaster said, everyone of us was driven out of the Yeedeehee kingdom and the kitty cuteness took it over". Mr.Awesome took a deep breath and let all the anger out, and then he said "I TOOK THE BIGGEST DUMP IN THE WORLD!!!!" and they cheered.

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who knows, they might get it back.

why sad sis? :)