To Know Is Nothing At All, To Imagine Is Everything

It has long since been my dream to one day finish my novel. It's all very angst-ridden and serious but sometimes when I think about these characters that have somehow become tangible, I wonder why they chose me to write the story. These characters are witty and flawed and so very real that I fear I cannot do them justice, sometimes I think maybe these characters deserve more than I can give them (I know they deserve more) but at the same time I don't think anybody else could understand them like I do. Perhaps it's a lack of confidence thing that I have to deal with but I think mostly I am just scared that if I put it our their, expose them to the world I am afraid that other's will fail to see them as I do. 
I do hope I get over my silly insecurities and am able to give these characters what they deserve, to be heard and to have their stories told.
Who knows perhaps someday everyone will know them as well as I do, maybe even better. 
themoonandtheyewtree themoonandtheyewtree
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 15, 2011

I share your passion. I wrote a manusc<x>ript ba<x>sed on actual people and it turned out better than I expected. For you, imagination is everything and forms the details as well. Just keep plugging away and you'll do fine. keep your passion alive!