What Kind Of World Am I Living In?

Today I did one big nothing. I despise myself and everything that my brain can perceive and transform into information of almost worthless size and it still takes that l little space in my brain. I am angry because I cant decide what is important from all those things together. All this is a product of my life.

Human beings. The most evolved organism on planet Earth. We are so proud on ourselves that we take for granted almost everything that we touch and create one big nothing or one small something.

I'm watching a box made of plastic, tubes, wires and who knows what. Is says: Braking news almost through whole it's surface. I take a piece of plastic with rubber buttons and quickly press + couple of times. I want to go away from this. Again there will be news with same outcome, only this time the newsreader will not have blond hair but black. But this one will have fake nails, fake teeth, fake breasts, beautiful blue lenses and a nose that will slowly melt under that huge force of reflectors that shoot right to her face covered with tone of makeup that has to be brown color. Standard that she read in some kind of magazine and who is now a guide....no, to be more exact a role model to all the girls that find them self in front their biggest challenge , no matter what it was. They had commercial campaigns for girls from town saying „Your fiends will be jealous , and boys will slime for you. Buy it, like yesterday and shine!“ It is nothing special, but it worked on young population. Then there was a commercial for a makeup that doesn't go off. This is also my favorite. A farmer is working in a field, then she is milking a cow, chopping wood... and all that with a makeup that doesn't go off. Then it is followed with a conclusion of the whole story. Cooling off with money women is driving a tractor because she spared money on makeup. because a women can take care of herself, they said. They should be taught from baby stapes that they don't have a choice I think to myself. And again they are doing it with this news.
I run with my finger far from this.
It stops on this. Animals, but not any kind of animals. Animals like snake. Snake is actually a reptile, but sill... I don't want to watch something that can kill me, and that episode is old like sane reason of now ex human kind. Press +.
Electronic music with almost no sing that something now is added to a same line of rhythm Maybe a letter a instead of p. So now it repeats one not the other. Again some remix of a remix. I can't believe what is happening to the music after what we now passed with commercials. Music video is of course pure association of sex.One thing is keeping ****and ***** falling from tv - glass. They could do it that it has some higher purpose . That makes people ask them self. And not that love is actually a dude in a dog costume asking for sex from a sexy police officer. IS that really what I am supposed to fell when I see a person that I love. Unthinkable pain in my groin, falling unconscious because I want to show how much I love her. Real dog would bite her, but this one suffers. Like in real life. I don't know when it started to be modern that a man takes orders from a woman. Maybe in mid 60's with the flower children or maybe in the 80's when AIDS started going around like a killer of erection. Most probable it was in 90's when filming **** started to be easy like breathing air. There it shows all power of women body over man. I am not sure that this is true, but little by little we all fell under stilettos and their owners.
What kind of world am I living in? Did human civilization really progressed forward. Or backward. I think it moved forward, at least in technology because now anybody can film how children are made. People are coming into stores wondering what brand of cellphones records best in dark with a lowest price. And the offers continued coming. It strange that there isn't a commercial like: Film yourself in a room or in a car without wondering how big your...cell is.

I translated this from my language to engl. so if their is something that is a little off sorry. This started like an intro to a book I was writing.
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2 Responses Apr 19, 2012

I can understand what you're saying but the same people who give us this kind of information are responsible for other things. Not on the same level but much, much deeper level. We are entertained with this stuff to forgot about other important issues.

I can't empathize with you, but I pity the chickens that are slaughtered for my dinner, those guys who are starving to death in South Africa, and the millions of yet-born that'll soon have to face a very, very ****** world.