Been There, Done That

Yes, I did write a book (well I've written many through the years) AND it was published. It was published by PublishAmerica, which was yet another 'life lesson'. I wrote a sort of murderous mystery story, actuially I Co-wrote it. A friend that I met through a poetry site and I had exchanged 'character' thoughts and I (being the queen of the 'Bossame' tribe, that I am) sugessted we put his character and my character together and see where it woul go. And it flew! (we were writing across thr pond-one of us in the U.K.and on in the U.S.) We wrote our book in about 6 months- then found PublishAmerica and the story was accepted. Then we decided (foolishly) to self edit as we were so anxious to see it in print. I now have the utmost respect for editors. They are the unsung heroes of publishing.
I was so disappointed with the final outcome of our book I chose not to push it on the public- I still stand behind the story and the characters bu the finished so- ANOTHER LESSON IN THE GAME OF LIFE.
I WILL write another book (I have finished two more, actually) BUT I am now 'gun shy' and have not pursued publishing again (yet)
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Thank you for sharing that. I too have a book that I am working on. I intend to self publish, but I suspect that I shall need a professional editor when the time comes.

Hey, Feyth, don't get discouraged. I've had two collections of stories pubbed ("Cruising the Green of Second Avenue," avail. at B&N) and LUCKILY had a terrific editor. After some four decades of writing and 40 stories published in the past five years, I'm STILL learning!


Kudos for actually having it published. I'd say just go ahead and publish the rest, you might be sitting on a gold mine.

All the best authors, whom I have heard talking about getting published agree, a good editor is essential. They almost all give credit and thanks to their editor in the acknowledgements.