Hopeless And Lost.......

After bleating to many people over the years that writing a book is my passion ! I stand with 20,000 words completed for me accomplishing this is monumental, however........ I am stuck, One call from a " self publisher " all about how they can help me and how much would I want to invest makes me slightly sick, I know sometimes you need to sacrifice to move forward but I always wanted someone to read my scrawling's and like them to say we will help you this is what you do, knowing I need to help my self is my biggest downfall !
Nundochips Nundochips
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Hey Nundochips,

Breaking into the writing scene, writing a book, learning what you didn't know you don't know, joining a legitimate critique group that will actually help you, and ultimately finding a publisher (or agent) that will publish you is a rugged gig. There is no manual and it's very much like trying to crack the code of a secret society. You gotta know the handshake, so to speak.

But 20,000 is a good start (with 150+ being a typical length for a mass market book).

Do you know your audience?

Is there a market for your genre?

Self-publishing is a road to nowhere at the present time--you'll get your book published but what you want is to get your book *read*.

Having said all this... GO FOR IT! Nothing like getting your first book contract, or second, or third ;-)

Let me know if I can help!

Just a suggestion: join a writers' group where you can read your work and get critiques from others like you. See if your public library can direct you to a group. Should be free, educational and clue you into the publishing and marketing process.

I wish I could do it all myself ! I just have a defeatist attitude !

It costs about a thousand dollars to have someone professionally edit your book. They check for story flow, they check for inconsistencies, inaccuracies, grammer, spelling. Its not free to publish unless you do everything yourself. If you can do everything well then just self publish for free on Amazon, smashworks or others. :)