I'd Love To Be A Writer.

I had always been good at English class especially when it came to narrative essay's and one day my teach er said to me "Justin you have some real talent keep it up" That made me feel good so right after school instead of playing some video games I sat down at my desk with a pen and paper and just wrote a story for about 4hrs straight only stopping because of dinner. The story was about a boy who while on vacation in Egypt his tour bus was attacked by an unnamed guerilla army. He is apparently the only survivor and for 2 long years must train as a soldier and slave at the same time. I know it was far fetched and not really realistic but both my parents and teacher liked it very much. After that I wrote a few small mystery short stories. I was thinking of sending them to a publisher because I thought they were good and the structure of them was excellent (What the teacher said). I didn't however because of the small chance of it ever going big. I didn't think I had the luck of J.K Rowling so i just gave up on it. I'm now older and wish to presue this and I regret of my previous actions. Aww well can't change the past now I'm off to write!
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That's awesome! I'm an aspiring writer myself. My best advice (even though you didn't really ask for any :p ) is that you do your research as best as you can. It can make all the difference between an awesome book and something corny I'd rather not name.

thanks I'll keep that in mind