I Would Like To A Romance Story Involving 2 First Cousins

     Hello Everyone,

     First,a little background information.  I am a 31 year old male from Montana(orginally grew up in North Dakota.)

     Also,I would like to to say that this is a great website.  It's great to read other's life experiences.

     Before moving on,let me explain something.  Several years ago,in my 20's,I had a brief,non-sexual relationship with my first cousin.  She was the daughter of my father's oldest brother.  At the time,we were both living in North Dakota.  It was one of the first relationships I had.

     Unfortunately,because of family pressures,it ended.  When it did,my heart was broke.  It wasn't good for a while.  But,over time,things got better.

     One of the things that helped me get through was/is to write fiction stories.  Over the years,I've written several short stories (from differnt genres.)  At present,none have been published.

     Since Decemember 2011,I've been trying to work on a romance story(involving a first cousin relationship.)  My main charachters would be first cousins.  Between working and living life,it's been slow going(working on this story.)  Now,I'm back on track.

     As I've begun research/story development,I've been running into some roadblocks.  In sharing them,I would welcome any imput/thoughts from anyone about them.  Here are a few of them:

      1.My main charchters are from midwestern states(where first cousin marriages are prohibited.)  They are first cousins(both by family and legally.)  At some point,they meet and fall in love.  Depending on the state where they live/may move to,they can't legally marry.  How should this be handled?  Should they stay together in their home state or move away?

     2. How would/could my main charachters handle a possible long distance relationship?  If they would want to marry(big if)should they move to a state/Canada where first cousin marriage is legal?

     3. How much secrecy could/should they have they have with their relationship?

     As I go forward,I would like appricate the imput or suggestions from anyone here.  Thank you.

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Well some good questions and not for a book but would like to know those answers to Well me and my first cousin I'll call her Cindy we were always seeing each other almost every weekend at our grandparents house since we were mmm I'll say 6 years old and over the years we always laughed and enjoyed.being around each other more than the other cousins well when got to be ill say around 13 ish well we started to find ways to sneek holding hands and I was so in love with her and decided to write a letter to let her know how much I loved her and didn't care that we were first cousins well the letter never made it to her my mom found it and not sure who else in the family knew about it but I felt like everyone did and I was the pervert cause she s 2 years younger than me so I backed off and was always in love with her but wasn't aloud to be so every girl I fell in love with after her was a lot like her all 3 of those loves never worked out and always left me broken hearted well this summer I'm 39 now her and her husband with 3 kids stayed at my parents campground as I did to for a whole month and one night after all us cousins were together she hugged me then kissed me on the cheek and that was not a normal thing for us so next day she sent me a text sayin maybe next time it will be a better good night kiss but just kidding don't want to gross you out.  Well she had no idea iv loved her all these years so i told her gross me out god no iv always loved you and wrote a letter that never made it to you to let you know so needless to say we found moments here and there just to kiss and hold but that wasnt were it stopped we made love many times it wasn't easy to find the time but we did and the love for each other that we feel is so pure and awesome and we are so much alike in so many was and are so much in love and lust she is  and always was my soulmate. We don't know what we're goin to do so many people could be hurt if we came out with this but we text and talk every day and she's in my thoughts all day long I work far away from her and can only see her every couple months and its so hard I miss her so much but we remind each other of times spend together and it make the hair on my neck stand up. I even snuggle a pillow at night now thinking its her she's my soulmate and I love her with all my being.  So beautiful and yet at times so painful. Not sure what the furture so look forward to your book to maybe get some answers myself