Please I Need Some Advice!!!

I love writing anything from poetry to short stories. I have begun writing at least 4 stories over the past 10 years and always stop at about 5 chapters. Whenever I share my stories with my friends or family they literally can't stop reading and beg me to finish. I just get caught up in life (work, family, everythig) that I lose sight. I also just seem to lose interest primarily from being emotionally drained from work that I put it on the back burner. I have so many thoughts and ideas and have a very dramatic and creative mind.

How do you stay focused?

Does anyone have any tips or advice on how to actually finish the book. I started writing a series of short stories aimed at teenagers after reading a couple of books my teenagers were required to read for school. They were decent but they were so unbelievable, the characters just didn't seem to fit the storylines. Reading those books inspired me, but after developing my characters writing about 40 pages (double-spaced 12 font lol) I lost interest. My teen daughters and their friends were my critics and are begging me to finish. They were coming over each day just to read my rough drafts, then I don't know what happened besides taking 16 credit hours worth of classes and working 10-14 hours shifts. I want to get myself organized and see one of these projects through but just can't stay motivatd enough, I think deep down that I am scared of failing. Please any advice would be greatly appreciate.
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Thank you for taking the time to respond :) I can completely relate to everything you said especially about having more than one idea floatng around inside of my head. I too find myself trashing a lot of what I write. I have found that when I actually write the old-fashioned way with my pen an notebook everything just seems to magically flow and I can write for hours. When using my laptop I get too caught up in editing as I go and it feels more like "work" then something I love doing if that makes sense. Maybe one day we will finally get at least one of our stories out to the world, but until then keep in touch.

No advice for you but just stopping by to say that sounds familiar, as I too seem to be in the same predicament. I recently just started sharing parts of a book I've been working on and have had nothing but positive feedback and them wanting more ... but it seems I can only get it going in dribs and drabs.<br />
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Think in your case you do have a lot going on, so trying to find that me time to just write must be difficult. Also too I picked up on you line of "so many thoughts and ideas and have a very creative and dramatic mind", I think that's what muddles me up, I'm trying to work on one story, but I have three or four other ideas coming at me at the same time that the story I'm working on sometimes then gets pushed aside. What I do when I feel inspired about my story, I really try to make time to write what I’m inspired about, it could be five minutes, it could be five hours, but I found out when I tried to force myself to write, all that came out was junk and I would often delete 90% of it. The nugget of the idea would stay in place, but how it developed would all be gone. Somebody told me one time never delete anything that you might write, that will be taken care of in editing later on, but me I guess I’m just to stubborn to listen.<br />
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I think another thing too is we are all looking for that totally original story and when we first start writing our “Great American Novel” it is all original. But then as we get into the writing (at least for me anyway) the plot line becomes cliché, the characters just ordinary and I know I become disappointed in myself that my imagination let me down. Like I said it takes a moment of inspiration for me to continue, it could be a song, it could be a news story, it could be a long forgotten memory that finds it’s way out of my sub-conscience, but like I said I know I try to get down and use it while I’m inspired.<br />
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But good luck and know you have a kindred spirit in me in trying to finish a story that is inside us waiting to get out.