I've Been Doing A Lot Of Researching Lately.

I have always been interested in the paranormal. I've been looking up more and more lately. I want to write a book about it. I think I will make a decent one. Nothing that will go over real huge but make a notice. I think I'm going to self publish also. Any way I've had this story rolling around in my head for at least 7 years now. I just haven't gone through with it. I don't want to give away a lot of details but I want to have characters that have so many personality crashes. For what I want to write that should make it interesting. I'm going to start piecing it together and who knows maybe in a few years I will have my very own book out there.
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Nice to note. Let us know once you are ready to COOK a BOOK. You need to only set up the theme and moderate. We can hire as many personalities and have the clashes captured and published with ease. You only need to compile and edit, and rest we take care.<br />
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