I hope I write a book someday that inspires, motivates or brings out something positive/insightful in the reader.
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One of these days I will find the time to finish my novel. Like in 100 years. LOL

Sunday, 26 August 2012, @~ 4:15 AM<br />
Hey Auxesia, As I briefly said on your story "Who Am I?" I truly think you'd make a wonderful writer. I've read all 3 of your posted stories, and I must say, you are very good & creative with your words.<br />
<br />
I *am* a writer who is writing his second novel. I'm not published as yet. But I've only recently "gotten" much more serious about my writing.A good writer MUST write at least 2 hours per day. Although, it doesn't have to be serious writing. Just freely writing anything & everything. Did you know J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter series) never used either a typewriter nor a Word Processing computer. She wrote free hand...long hand. Using anything & everything to write on. Including napkins. Most serious writers, have a small notebook/journal in every room in the house -- even the bathroom/toilet.That's what I had done. <br />
<br />
There are 5 rooms in my house (my wife's & I have a really small house), and I have 5 small notebooks in each room of the house. I also keep one in my car.There is no rhyme or reason how & what I write in that notebook. I've written in s small fragments of words, possible titles, phrases that I hear or see on TV, radio, etc. Mine is quite cluttered...messy. BUT, the words are legible enough -- maybe not easy for someone else to understand, but -- enough that I can make out what I wrote. <br />
<br />
Don't worry about penmanship, punctuation, nor -- especially -- not spelling.<br />
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Did you know that Stephen King lived in a single wide trailer and he was so poor, that he couldn't even afford enough paper to type on. His first book was Carrie. But the motivation to write it came when his wife Tabitha told her husband that their baby daughter (they had 2 back then) was sick & needed desperately some medicine. Medicine that the King's could not afford. So he started writing on a few pages> he then totally hated what he wrote & promptly threw in the trash can. His wife asked what he had been writing, She like what she'd heard & wanted to read it for herself. He told her he had thrown it away. So she went to the trash, dusted the cigarette ashes off the crumpled paper, and -- as they say, the rest is history. That crumpled cigarette ash covered few sheets of paper , would become "Carrie", Kings first published novel.And all because they desperately needed medicine for their one daughter baby.<br />
<br />
J. K. Rowling's bio is very similar. But that's another story.So, Auxesia...just keep-on, keeping on -- writing.Respectfully, Heathland {:-{)><br />
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P.S. You & I have 204 experiences/groups in common. Soo, I added you into my Circle.But, that does not mean you have to add me into yours -- unless you want to. I just joined EP in mid July, so I only have a few stories...most of them are what I call my "Dark Stories" cause they're about the abuse I suffered at the hands of my alcoholic/drug-addicted mother. I've been writing them as a form of self-therapy for me. But I'll be writing more Cheerful Positive stories within the next few weeks. <br />
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Bye-ee {:-{)> (me w/ my beard & mustache).

Thank you, I really appreciate it. I don't have many stories on EP because I often get iffy about how much personal information I'm telling in a story so usually I try to keep it little as possible and omit any important information. Sort of defeats the purpose, but now that I'm back I'm considering being more open about writing on here.

It's amazing that you are a writer. I always feel this sense of inspiration and motivation when I speak to one. I'd love to read your novels when you get them published.

It really stood out to me when you said "A good writer MUST write at least 2 hours per day. Although, it doesn't have to be serious writing. Just freely writing anything &amp; everything. " Really made me reconsider that I should be writing daily and practicing.

It seems the best writers and even artists have come up out of nothing. I suppose the less you have, the more you have more of an input for your writing because of your struggles and life experiences.