Is This Good?

i'm planning to write a book that composed of different short stories.
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9 Responses Dec 4, 2012

Always love a good story. :)

i will read it :)

Probably, yes. Be careful though, that's essentially giving away the milk for free; who needs to buy cows when it's all free?

ill read it

id read it! Id love to!if its good! I was gonna write a book in this format.

I will read it

:) will wait

how's life?

I'll read some if you post it here...don't post it all though - if its' really good you don't want someone taking your ideas!

if you want it to be publish,dont post it into a public site like this instead send it to palanca award- they will help you to make a way in your plans if they it.

as far as I remember,you have to send it via snail mail,check it if their website is already fix,ahaha..just google palanca awards =)

Wishing you good luck, I am also planning to write a book but on a different topic not short stories..