It's My Dream, Not To Get Published, But To Finish My Book.

I haven't always wanted to write, I found how much I loved it after I had finished my studies and never really paid much attention to English classes but once I left school, I found this whole world tucked away inside my head and realised that it has always been there.

The characters, world, plot, events and myth behind what I want to create is a ever evolving force and although I have started the book over six times, each has been scrapped when a new idea has popped into my head that makes more sense for the story as a whole. I am aware that this is a very very bad way to write, but it's one of those habits that I can never seem to shake.

Note wise I have over a hundred pages of time lines, character reference sheets, plots, sketches of weapons and items in a notebook and everything else that my mind has convinced me I'll need over the years.

What seems to be holding me back from writing more is the fact that i am very poor with grammar. I have studied it online but never seem to remember to include it in my work (apart from the obvious period, comma and apostraphy) but I suppose that is something that will come in time.

This post really doesn't have any relevence but I thought I'd share it anyway.
Nazryl Nazryl
22-25, M
Dec 14, 2012