Almost Ten Years Later....

...after completing a bachelor of arts degree in Creative Writing, I finally have a novel worth investing my free time on. I'm currently in a rocky relationship and while he was out with friends all night, I decided to grab coffee at my local Starbucks. Left the apartment around 8; its a 15 minute walk. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the hours of operation there are 3 AM until midnight, everyday. "Jackpot," I thought, "I can hang out here all night rather than be alone worrying about him in front of the television watching Ancient Aliens or button-mashing to World of Warcraft while chain smoking." I stayed until closing and finished the first three chapters—about 22 handwritten pages—after two tall coffees, one cigarette, and Garbage's "Paranoid" on a loop. Returned to the apartment around 12:20, had a beer, crashed on the couch until one in the morning when my "significant" other woke me up wanting to watch an episode of Six Feet Under before bed.

I've started and worked on novels, short stories and poems before. However, I haven't finished a first draft I wanted to revise since college. Last night that changed. This novel borrows characters and themes from a decade of unfinished works. I'm feeling very good about this :)
Sincarino Sincarino
31-35, M
Jan 5, 2013