Book Summary (by Anononymousous)

Hi, it's me again! I've written and deleted about six summaries previously from my page. Those stories were, how can I say it nicely to myself... terrible.

I'm sure this story will again be one that's crumpled up and tossed in the trash (the computer way) but for now it's my latest and best novel in the making, and I'd like to share the summary with my sorry circle of what, twenty fans?

Please keep in mind that I'm not trying to hide the plot at all. This isn't a back-of-the-book summary, this is more like a please-tell-me-what-you-think-by-basically-reading-the-book kind.

Raised in small town Colorado, Elle Washington's idea of a dangerous relationship is kissing in public. It's basically a mutual thing throughout her town, an idea shared by her equally (maybe even more) safe and small-town boyfriend, Ethan. She works as a waitress in her family's bustling diner along with her best friend, sexaholic partier Jazz. Her dad is a high school baseball champion who is gone on school reunions each summer. Her mother died ten years earlier in a freak accident outside the border of Elle's completely safe town, and her grandparents in California are completely unaware and uncaring of her. She's two years away from graduating high school, and she lives with her father-like uncle each summer.

Her life couldn't become more of a drag. Elle is slightly aware of the sparks fizzling to oblivion inside her, but it takes the temporary arrival of Jake Myrhum to light her rebellious flame.

After she's sure he's left her life after an accidental meeting, Jake appears again at party Jazz dragged Elle into. And after that, it seems Jake just can't step out of her story and into his own-- unless, he is her story, and she is his.

Feedback please!!?

(Again, keep in mind I meant to give away the plot.)
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Jan 7, 2013