I Want To Write Your Life Story!

Ghost writer? Do you have a Ghost that writes books for you? It's true. No one does. If you did he might struggle to pick up the pen to write it for you.

If only I was a news reporter I'd be quick to take advantage of the opportunity to break this compelling news--that is if only it was real news at all.

I'm a writer. I've had my practice at it. Can a good writer catapult his readers into a world so full of savor that the reader decides reality just isn't cutting it anymore? It appears so. If he can't then how can he have enough magic to cast a spell on the people interested in your life to bring them to decide your book is worth putting down 15$ over the 5 other alternatives he thinks he wants to spend some time reading?

Your life's most interesting moments can be etched in the minds of your most avid fans if only the words to identify them have binding power. A few wise writers have learned that savor creates relaxation and well-timed humor is the best way to grab the attention of a reader, enough that they want to remember what they just read.

Name recognition? Books with your name on it may make a lot of money only because sincere admirers can't bring themselves to let go of an opportunity to know you better.

Success? If you have had enough while in the spotlight then your book will sell even if it was only written with mediocre ability. Add a little more artistic flavor through a skilled writer and you'll come much closer to best-seller range.

If your life story, personal beliefs, or success stories have retain-able savor to them then what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with me or someone else that can get the job done for you.
Make sure your author of choice can discern what details about your life are 'must-hears' and why some of your smallest moments are the most self-defining. If he can make any situation sound interesting to the reader without trying too hard, he is probably the artist you are looking for.

A biography about your life or another personal message you want to get out to the citizens of the world may be too hot to sit on anymore, especially, if like Ron Burgundy, "People know me"... or rather people know of you.

And yes! I'll do it for you.

Never hire someone who can't sample out the kind of work you want to put your brand on.

Give me some details about yourself and I'll write a free 250 word sample for you. Big name? I write even more for free.

And of course, If it's not to your liking then throw it out! There's no need for someone to win a contract to write a book for you if your emotions don't want to own what has been written!
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Jan 8, 2013