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I want to write a novel. I'm forty three years old and I've been an avid reader all my life.
Writing is something I've only begun to try recently. My tastes in reading are eclectic,
and so far my ideas and beginnings in writing are also! My goal is to write something
entertaining on its own, yet also thought provoking. So far I have four or 5 stories begun,
but I haven't went very far with any of them yet. Typing and using the computer are new
to me also, but I'm learning! One thing I found online that has been useful is to just write
for ten minutes no matter what, without self-editing. This is difficult for me as I feel I must
correct any slightest mistake I find as I read what I have written. I would probably make
a good copy editor as I am always noticing mistakes in things I'm reading, even when
deeply engrossed in the story. This tendency doesn't slow my reading but it does my
writing. Wish me luck! SeanPat
Seanonymous Seanonymous
41-45, M
2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Good luck. You do appreciate authors when you try and sit down and do it yourself. It takes so much patience and perseverance.

Thanks. It is more difficult than I thought. I've not been applying myself lately,
but I intend to do better. I'm new to the internet, and have been on here a lot.
At least I'm getting practice typing!

I wish you the best of luck! Please continue to write on here so that I may read them. I also enjoy writing and am working to really find my voice. As they say practice makes perfect, and they couldn't be more, well, write!

Love the pun! And thanks, luck to you also. I should spend more time actually
writing, instead of in the questions, but at least I'm getting better at typing!