Yeah Right

I've love to write a book but mixed on the topic. I've joked about writing on my "So called redneck life" for years but it would be such a jumbled mess of thoughts that I don't know if anyone would be able to read it without going crazy as well. I'm such a hot mess that it would make a funny book if nothing else and maybe a great textbook example of crazy for students and psych majors. :)

Who knows...

Oh and on a totally different note I'd love to write children's books too and that may be my first (and easier) option.

What a combo huh? Maybe we could call it "You have one mommy, you have two and mine is crazy"... catchy huh?

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Split,<br />
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I'v said to to more than once that you have... at least three books in you.

ggeezz with so many stories here i could just hit print and be done with it :)<br />
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hope it doesnt put you to sleep

I will buy and read your books. Love the titles but you should make them less than 1000 pages because I don't like putting books down before I have finished them.