Would Be Nice :)

many times ive started to write a sort of autobiography but end up scrunching it up and throwing it in a bin, like on the films, the balls of paper keep piling up.

ive always been good at writing fiction storys, my english teachers have always said i have, but im really interested in fact! i love books to do with drug trafficing, child abuse (sad, but intersting) and autobiographys. Maybe i should listen to me heart and write a good fiction book, its what im good at i sopose.

sheshigh sheshigh
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 12, 2009

Wow. We are polar opposites. I love fiction writing but people keep telling me to write fact. Problem is, if you want to write great literary non-fiction, you should have real life experience and interviews on what you're writing about. I hate being around people, so that sort of puts the kabosh on that for me.<br />
I guess I would suggest getting involved with volunteer organizations that work with the sorts of things you mentioned. Or at the very least, do a lot of reading on the subjects on what is NOT being talked about in your view.