Truly Would

I would love to write a book & have had many thoughts about what to write.  I just can't seem to sit and write it.  My Hubby is the writer of the family & really, I shouldn't even think of writing at all.  He got a degree in it and I really don't know what I'd be doing.  We have to share teh computer, anyhow, so he should get it far more often.  His talent is AMAZING!  

debmichelle debmichelle
2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Just because hubby got a degree in writing, doesn't mean you don't have a story to tell. He may have the technical skill to write in English, but still it is the story that makes the writing come to life! Do it!

they say everyone has a book in them, they do it's life. just got for it! do something diary style and who knows. i start a letter and my friend said it was an essay.