I Want To, But I Am Bad At Writing

I have ideas for stories. I am constantly writing, but I am terrible at it. I've tried to improve it, but I am still not good at it. I write fanfiction, and I probably only get one review or so, and it's Harry Potter that I write for, and that's a popular fandom. So I just write for the fun of it. I'll never write a book, but oh well.

Ashley868 Ashley868
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1 Response Feb 17, 2009

Don't give in so easily! You have the desire to write if you are "constantly" writing. You have to keep at it to improve. Writing, especially a "book" of ANY kind, takes WORK. Long hours and commitment to your subject. And who tells you that you're "terrible" and "not good" at it? Yourself?

BTW - I'll tell you a writer's secret. The author or authoress is the WORST judge of his or her own "child" (writing). Write maybe a paragraph or two, and give it to someone whose judgement and opinion you value and trust, and ask for honest feedback. When I finally decided to ask another's opinion (on EP) I sent him a paragraph and asked for his feedback. His response was wildly enthusiastic and he said he wanted to see MORE. The WHOLE story, if you get my drift. He not only read the entire thing on EP by chapters, but he shared it with others. Their responses were the same. I was pleased and proud and it inspired me to do more.

Why don't you write a paragraph to share with us here, and ask for honest feedback? I hear from all over there "is nothing to read". Let your brilliance shine in front of others who are not "emotionally involved" (God, I HATE that cliché)
in your work.