I'm hoping to find someone who wants to create a world from scratch. I want to create a story from the ground up without any preconceived ideas working their way in. I'm a bit of a world builder and theory crafter so this is what I live for. Maybe some writer out there is bored and wants to create something interesting?
TitusArnel TitusArnel
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This sounds really interesting. Would there be a general theme (e.g. fantasy-medieval, sci-fi, 'realistic') or would it be a more abstract tabula rasa?

I think I'd like to stick to the fantasy/sci-fi genre. I find it more enjoyable to create something that can't or doesn't exist. You write over the past or present and you have to do research to keep facts facts. Where's the fun in that?

I guess I should specify that I've done this multiple times myself and love doing it, just think it'd be fun with someone else.

I have^^

Have what?

I can help you. I'm seeking to build a world up too. I've already done so once. But I didn't finish the story. Inbox me if you want.