I would totally love to help people engineer and create the bones of a story for their book, and get credits not as a writer, but co-creator or co-author, you know, like a how a script has a person who writes the main story line and another person who writes the actual script. I write novels myself, but sometimes I get writers block working on my own stuff and just would like to expand my mind and work.
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Seriously? So can I ask you help me with what I'm writhing right now? Cuz I'm stuck with writer's block and I really hate that.

Of course, but I only want to help you get out of that block. Somebody gave me attitude because they thought I was going to help write their book. I only want to help develop the story and get story moving

I think proposing to help develop it is actually a pretty big help already. Have you read my blog about the two stories I'm writing about? It's all in there :-)

I'll add you and send you my writer's email address. I'm going to go read it right now.