I Want to Write a Teen Novel

Harry Potter

The Vampire Academy

Twilight (Though I have a very low opinion of this particular series)


The chronicles of Narnia



Books written for young adults but enjoyed by all. I would absolutely love to write a book as good as some of these. Though I may not be the literary artist like J.K Rowling or have ability to spew out hundreds of pages of absolute trash and still make big bucks like Miss Meyer; I would  very much love to write a fantasy based teen novel. The trouble i'm having is what to write about and where do I begin?

I have always held a fascination with vampires and werewolves since I was little girl, but the problem is ever since "Twilight" came out Vampire stories have become so mainstream and bland. I would love to write about something different; I was thinking maybe elves or fairies. The thing is however, The point of writing a book is to make money. Of course you write because you love to write and you read because you love to read, but at the same time you need to put bread on the table. Now that vampires have become so popular I fear that any other book about other mythical creatures won't do as well. I fear that unless a story has vampires as an essential part of the plot line it will just crash and burn.

As much as i'd love to start brainstorming ideas on what to write I have to make a major decision on whether I want to take the risk of writing something completely different and not even be able to get published, or possibly have it published but barely able to make ends meet because of low sales, or I have to make the decision on whether or not I should just hop on the vampire bandwagon and try to milk it for what it's worth to rake in more money. I don't want to sound like a selfish and greedy person but at the same time I could really use some pocket change. I'm living in a section 8 studio apartment with medicaid that will only last until I find work that will hopefully have health insurance and food stamps that get shut off in 4 months and a fiance' who I love dearly with all my heart but is incapable of being able to work and receives SSI just to be able to survive.

So I truly don't know what to do or if I even have the talent to start with. I suppose we will find out all in good time.

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Wow. Your story has really moved me. I'll try to shed light on where I can with your questions.<br />
<br />
I have been trying to get a book published for quite a while now. Unfortunately, publishing and sales don't have so much to do with your talent as they do with having the right agent read you at the right time. The publishing industry is in a real slump right now and not sure what to do next. So every lit. agent is hedging their bets and not wanting to take chances. I just had an agent tell me that they are "very selective" about fiction now since non-fiction outsells fiction by a margin of 2-to-1 (and I can't for the life of me write non-fiction). Bad news is you will face tons of rejection and you may want to off yourself. Good news is it happens to every writer and not just you.<br />
It takes a long time to see any kind of real profit from a book (if ever). And believe it or not, much of its sales are directly in your hands as publishers now make their authors do all their own marketing (except for big names like Rowling and Meyer.) But don't let that scare you as it scared me. Much of your marketing can be done online through places like EP and Facebook, so it's not like door-to-door sales or anything.<br />
As for what to write, I understand completely about your fears as to whether you're "original" or not. My only advice would be this: sure, vampires and werewolves have been written about for hundreds of years...but they've yet to be written by you. You are unique, therefore what you have to say will be personal and unique, provided you let it all out. Do you really love vampires, werewolves, and the occult? If so, then that's what you'll need to write because that is where your joy and passion will shine through. Write whatever story that excites you. Then let the rest of the world worry about the quality. <br />
Hope I was able to help a bit.