Future Best Seller

yes I am writing a book on my life,,and the wild and crazy things that I have learned from being in this world,,,Its about being a scizophrenic/bipoler,,, things I see and hear that others don't,,, I believe that people will want to read it cause the title will be very inticing,,,I don't know what the title will be as of yet,,, 

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5 Responses Mar 26, 2009

Awesome, Brother, I am so happy to have you,,,and I look forward to picking your mind as well,,,,I am so happy right now,,,Thanks you made my day, SpaceEagle,,,well I look forward to knowing you better,,,Love and Light Mary

Ok. I'd like to hear what's on your mind.

I am Love and my Beloved is Light,,, am I getting on your nerves you want me to stop saying it????mary

Thank you flourlady111,,,loving you and your light energy,,,love and light mary

oh this is wonderful im proud of you!