I Used to Think I Couldn't

But after reading some of the crap on the best sellers list I'm starting to think, "Maybe you don't have to be Hemingway to be a successful writer?" (yeah, I'm looking at you Stephanie Meyer and George Lucas)

I also thought that I could never have enough material to fill 300 pages, but, hell, if I strung all my blogs from the last 2 years together I'm sure I would have more than that.

niceguyinhell niceguyinhell
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2 Responses Mar 27, 2009

Try,if u like it,i love writing a lot*

I love reading & I wish there were more good authers out there. If you feel worried it won't be any good you've already crossed the first hurdle! You'll not submit anything that is rubbish! And if you like what you're writing, chances are someone else will! So go for it!!! You'll never know unless you do it.