My Ideas

Hello, my name's Chloe.

Anyway, getting to the story... Lately I've had some good ideas for a story popping into my head. Here is how I would have the blurb, let me know if you like it and I'll reveal the rest of my story as I go...

Hi, I'm Amanda Scotts, and to be honest I have it all. I'm only sixteen but I already have a job - as a model; I have a boyfriend that can see the horizon of perfection; I'm smart and get on well at school, but that doesn't keep me from being popular; I'm beautiful in many people's eyes and I have a family destined for greatness - my dad's an architect, my sister's a minor fashion designer and my brother's on his way to being a football legend! Well, what more could I want?

But on the 14th Feburary, as I'm doing a modelling shoot for Valentine's Day in the local mall, my life starts to go down hill. An armed robbery is taken place in the jewelers shop by our catwalk show, and one of the models is taken hostage, to be shot to death soon after. So, why, weeks after the incident, and after all my counselling, do I STILL keep seeing her? Everywhere I go, but surely she isn't really there... or is she?

Well, what do you think? Do you like it? Please leave comments, thanks, Chloe.x
LilMissPrincess13 LilMissPrincess13
13-15, F
Feb 15, 2010