I'm In The Process Right Now. Here's An Excerpt... Not Completely Finished Yet. Beyond Betrayal

James walked through his apartment door, leading a beautiful, young, blonde woman with silky long hair after him. She was dressed skimpily, wearing only a mini skirt and a tube top, but left just enough mystery to entice James, not that he needed much enticing. He wanted to discover the secret beneath the skirt. Shaved or full bush? He started to walk towards the bedroom, when he was slowed by a small tug on his hand. He turned, slowly, to face her, and she threw her arms around his neck and pressed her slim body firmly to his. I like this girl already. Her hot fragrant breath felt inviting ono his already moist lips, so he kissed her. His hands traveled from the small of her back to her taught buttocks, and he squeezed the firm roundness roughly. She released a small moan as he drew her up, roughly, against him. He backed her to a wall and began to grind into her.

As he got harder, the thrusts became more frantic. She wriggled against him pleasurably, pressing her middle into the solid protrusion. She ran her tongue along the side of his throat and caused him to sigh gruffly. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as they stumbled their way to his bed. The room was sizeable and dark with clothes strewn about like a typical man's living space. His bed was big enough for him, but was a strain for him plus one. He dropped the girl down on the bed and began to undress himself as she did likewise. His loose blue jeans and tight white button up shirt were discarded quickly to the ground, leaving only his silky, black boxer-briefs. He looked at the girl with carnal delight as he saw she was only wearing only a pink G-string underneath her tight, khaki mini skirt and red, sequined top.

She lured him closer by licking her lush, cherry-red lips, dragging her tongue slowly over them. James walked towards her with confidence, got on top of the girl and began to kiss and bite her neck. She let out a low moan that made him want her more. When he got to her lips, he gruffly placed his over hers, forced them apart, then stuck his tongue into her mouth. She returned the rough kiss, and ground her mound against rock hard ****. He probed her mouth with his tongue tasting all of the dark warm crevass and then removed her underwear, along with his. He leaned in to whisper in her ear.

“Are you ready for this.” He stated this more than it was meant as a question. She nodded her head with vigor as he arched his body, getting ready to plunge into her. He dove into her completely and a loud, unintelligible exclamation escaped her lips.

“You like that? Want some more?” His breath was labored as he slammed in and out of her with all of his strength. She shrieked as he sent ****** after ****** through her. When he let himself go, the stream white hotness stickiness got all over her body, but she didn’t seem to mind. She wet her lips and dug her nails into his chest, which made him spurt even more out. She put her mouth against his neck and gave him the biggest hickey she could.

He stopped, and rolled to one side. He shoved her away and grabbed his neck, then glared at her.

“Why’d you do that? That’s gonna be huge tomorrow. I told you that my girlfriend is due back any day now!” He turned away from her and began to put his clothes on. She laughed obnoxiously which riled him even more.

“ That’s why I did it! What’s the matter? I thought you liked to show your conquests.” She trailed her finger nail down his back, but he jerked away from her.

“You’re such a *****. Good thing I didn’t take the time to learn your name. You weren’t goddamned worth it!” She snorted and rose from the bed mechanically. She got her scanty amounts of clothing on, and went, wordlessly, to the door and opened it.

She looked back at him, and said through her smug sneer, “I have syphilis, you bastard.” Then she bellowed with laughter as she walked out, without looking back.

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You do look like an author :P<br />
<br />
I love the little twist at the end ;)<br />
Great build up and I liked the descriptiveness, very hot ;)

Ouch. xD