Why Do I Always Get Stuck?

I have a book all planned out in my head. I can see this marvelous story from beginning to end. I feel the characters breathing inside of me, beating against the inside of my chest, demanding to be released to tell their story.

I start writing, trying to let their voices be heard.

I hear them speaking to me, telling me the words, letting me see through their eyes and feel what they feel. I get so wrapped up with expressing what I'm seeing in my head that I get lost.

Sometimes I get 200 pages into a story only to realize that it's all wrong. This isn't the right story. This isn't the right world. Sometimes I only get to the first page, and two paragraphs in I can't find the words to express the depths of emotions. Nothing I write down can adequately express who these characters are and what they are living inside my head, inside my heart.

I'm at that point now. I'm trying to rewrite a 167 page "mistake" and I'm on the first page. I see this whole story, I know everything that happens, but I can't get it down in print. I'm beginning to think that I will only be an author in the same place that my stories live and breathe: In my dreams.

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4 Responses Feb 23, 2010

duosanimus-- keep trying, my friend. I didn't know how to get the words down either at first. but when you catch yourself thinking things, just sit down, close your eyes and type. Save the document, close it, then a few days later open it back up and read it. think about how you felt then compared to what the words are saying, and then figure out what works and what doesn't. Keep going back to that document until it says what you wanted, until you can feel the same thing you felt when you wrote it. eventually, one dya you'll read it and realize that you've managed to truly capture something. :-)

Color me jealous. Do to some malfunction, I see and feel the stories in me, but the pictures and emotions don't translate into words very well. You both have a gift.

I've gone to sleep every night for about a week thinking about my characters and my book and hoping that maybe I'll dream about them and get some idea what to do. So far, it's not working so well. I think I might just start from the middle and then go back and write around that.

I am EXACTLY the same way. I get so far into the characters and the story that I can't sleep at night - they invade every moment of my existence. And I'll start writing to the point of obsession, and then everything sort of fizzles out and feels all wrong. It's so gut-wrenchingly frustrating!