Because Of Laura

Ever since I read my first Little House series book when I was 7, I've wanted to be a famous author. I've started about 10 books, but have never been able to finish them. I'd really love to write my own travel book series and maybe compile an encyclopedia on world travel and world customs for children.

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Hey sparkle! Im really good at book endings...its actually my best part...if the teacher or reader wasnt understanding the beginning or the middle, they sure as fukk got my endings haha.... idk, im really good at making an end point...the explanation for how i got there is just a little confusing for some... :(<br />
sorry bast ards.

Finish a book. Choose one, or whatever - MAKE yourself finish something. It will open your mind to writing books. Good luck!

I wish that I could find some way to combine all of the stories that I was writing into one and I'd probably have enough for a complete book. Argh! It's so frustrating. I always have a strong beginning, a fairly strong middle, and then at the end I just get writer's block and don't know where to go. : /