Hello God Who Are You Where Are You And Will You Answer Me

hi god how are things and where are you ? do you have more than one house and are your beliefs and appearence different depending on what part of the world that you are in. I ask these questions because if there are christians muslims buddist pagans and so many different religions and groups and they all have a heaven then there must be many different heavens.

Why is it if you are god that a christian will fight a muslim and a muslim will fight a christian and they will both fight a pagan each saying that there religion is best. I myself i like to think i am a good person but i dont seem to go anywhere i care about others but they dont care about me.we are all human beings why has one got more than the other . You can't just say they worked as it comes with social opportunities like accidents of birth for instance the lottery of where you were born, parentage education social factors etc.So how do you choose where we are born or to who I wonder?

Anyway this is not supposed to be a rant or anything tell me god are you the trees and the earth and all the creatures which are in it ? are you evolution and time itself are you the good feelings that live within many of us. Are you even the things that we cannot see which join each and everyone of us and every living thing together.

did you get kidnapped by men for their own ends because i would think that you were love and understanding each other and that which wants us to help the unfortunate and you are the person to make this world right. I have been in a coma and seen beatiful things i have eeven wrote about it on here i have been drawn to you all my adult life but people always argue and say you are not right if your views differ from there own . Will you god and only you give me a sign will you let all mankind worship together as one people under one roof let us love each other and have equality amongst races people and places and whoever should say sorry let them be humble and admit there mistake for the sake of the human race as I feel i am a member of this inclusive human race which you created for goodness disregarding who or what we are.
I I just want ot know when you will come and help me to evolve and spread the message that has been put in me by i guess it must be you have or should i leave it now and go a way as i am nither one or the other i am all religions and spiritual paths as i am a person of the world where my father comes from we were very associated with ifa and they say esin con o pe ka' wa ma soro and if you keep reading you will see my translation of what that means as i am playing catch up as you let my parents split up and they come from two different parts of the worlld anyway am an ambassador for the festival of flight which started with the tuskagees nothing fancy they don't pay me but I was given the grace to read this piece below in york cathederal in front of people of different nations and god what do you think i think simply put you are nature and all things both seen and unseen time space and feelings and if that is you then i love pls let others see

Diversity and inclusion

Caring for the rich, caring for the poor, caring for the christian pagan Muslim, or Moor,
Caring when we’re happy, listening when they’re sad, and caring about both good and bad.

We’re all products of our countries change and our colors and cultures inclusively range,
From white to black and from black to white,
Christian, Pagan, Muslim, we should unite,
As one people under diversity’s flag.

To our countries we are born children of the world,
Talented individuals both boy and girl,
So let’s unite and nurture this wealth,
Bring about a sense of wellbeing and good health.

Ourselves and our children are natures bond,
And migration of people has gone on for long,
hear me,
come on all ambassadors of culture lift up your voice in song.

Sing a song of hope; sing a song of light,
People of all nations, let us all unite.
An international community is what we are,
As our mixes and our cultures are from near and far.
As we really are one story we really our one race,
So let join together and integrate.

Esin kan o pe K’awa ma s’oro

There is enough room in the sky for two birds to fly without colliding.
Live and let live, living harmoniously together we all have much to give

daleyifa daleyifa
41-45, M
May 25, 2012