im writing this letter knowing my words will come to u..

i want to thank u for many things and say sorry for some things too.i know u know everything ..i know u are always here.i know u send angels and i know u send many signs to us.if i ever get angry with u i ask u to forgive me,maybe i dont deserve that but i ask u to forgive me..Thank u for sending angels and being here when i need u and when i dont, coz u are a dad that cares for his children. i know u must feel sad many times too.. especially if ppl say bad things for u or many other things that make u sad.. coz u are god but u care for us too. i thanku for sending angels to holdmy hand and guide me.. if we ever lose our way, remind us with love and care. if we fall ,lose hope, give us light. and watch over everyone,every minute as u always do.. i know u also cry ,u also smile too.. u are always there.. u applaud us for doing something and u are proud.. and u know something god? im really sorry i say ''if u exist sometimes'' i do believe in u ..always..thanku for helping me stand up and keep going...

with love*

amysangels amysangels
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heh ap ,careful with noisy prince though!<br />
<br />
thanks for comment rog*

noisy prince flies to houses through ep hehe

Thank you for sharing that ex<x>pression of your faith.....amyMA---Andrew! do you have a pet rabbit running around in your tiny apartment??? You are such a love :). hugs, gryf

hmm..*thinkin*<br />
<br />

33 years?<br />
..i dont forget..ok.thanku for reading..

not like me..i still have things to learn.

u write a letter from ur heart and when u pray he listens..

yes he does..