I Would Love To Find Some Scriptures Of The Holy Bible

Why are people trying to tear down God's world. Why don't we follow his values. Exodus 20:13, thou shalt not kill, but yet people do it because of a mental illness. Why do most people with mental illness do the most murders?

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I do not think it is wise to equate mental illness with murder. Not all people who are mentally ill commit crimes such as murder and not all people who murder are mentally ill. I am sorry if you believe this. That is not the world we live in.

I m not sure whether its correct but I think mentally sick pple attack others coz of sum delusional fear that sumbdy s gonna attack them. It cud be a method f self-defence. Maniacs tend to kill pple becoz thats their 'disease'. <br />
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I think the rule 'thou shall not kill" is meant for normal people who tend to murder for power, money, pleasure, greed or to cover up one's bad deed. In the old testament, God led his people into wars agnst their enemies. <br />
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So I dnt think people will stop murdering one another in future. They never did in the past, nor are doing in the present. And of course, the world we live in is not really God's world. Earth is just a refinery. It is temporary. While His kingdom ,which will come soon, is permanent and full of goodness.