To myself,

I admire your strength and courage. You are always smiling and helping anyone in need but you need to realize that you are just as important as everyone else. Don't push your problems away and take on another's problem alone. Your friends are here for a reason and yet you never ask for advice or support.

I know your full of pride and feel that showing any vulnerability is a sign of weakness but you're not. You my dear are not weak and shouldn't be afraid to cry when you are sad. You worry your friends all the time but they don't say anything because they don't know how to make you open up. Most of your friends call you mysterious because even years later they do not know the real you.

I suggest you breathe for a moment and live a little. You work too hard and put so much pressure on yourself. One would call you a perfectionist with the habits you carry. You're still young and shouldn't be serious all the time.

I understand that you have had a difficult past and have strived through life working hard and always emitting an air full of confidence but their isn't anything wrong with being a little immature.

You have a big life ahead of you. Starting next week you shall be entering University. This is the perfect time to show who you really are and have fun. This is the moment you have been waiting for since the beginning of high school. Work hard but also remember to have fun and make friends! I know you can do it :) I have full confidence in you.

Always wishing you the best <3
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Aug 27, 2014