I Was Wrong Again

I tought you were the one

Thought you would protect me

Thought you were strong

I was really wrong

I did not sign up for this

I thought YOU would protect ME

My mistake

Sorry babe

Didn't know

You were so weak

Didn't know

You would compete

To be the WEAKEST one

I thought you were the "Man"

the strong one

who would hold me tight, pet me, assure me everything would be alright

Woops... my mistake

I should know by now

No one... NO ONE takes care of ME

I take care of everyone else

I was put here for that

Not to receive

Only to give

And give

And give

And give

Until it hurts so much

Until it is time to let go

2Quirky 2Quirky
51-55, F
2 Responses Dec 14, 2009

Thanks... I think Oprah prefers "positive" stuff though! Sheesh, I must've been 1) pissed & 2) drunk!

ooh that was good, try submitting into oprah?