A Simple Letter to Him Who Hates Me!


     I have never met anyone in my life who is more full of hate then you. I am completety at "AWW" as to why you hate me so much when you are the one who told me that you didn't want a relationship with me in the first place. Plus you used me, tormented me, and abused me. I do not get it! What did I do to make you HATE me so much that you want me dead? I do not bother you unless I respond to something you say to me. Even then you read into what I say way too much. I could be thinking one thing when I type and you can read it as another. How is that my fault? If I hurt you then why could you not talk about it with me to my face? Why do you skip all that part and go directly to MURDER? I think that you would kill me if I was in your presents and that is the only thing holding me back. You hate me more for that? I am going to have to stop talking to you now because you have made your intentions clear. If anything happens to me by your hands or anyone else's hands then you will be the go to guy. I am sorry that YOU did all of this and you want to somehow place it all in my hands. I know the truth. The truth has set me FREE!!! I will always love you my friend, even in death. Bye!!!!!

SomaticEnergy SomaticEnergy
31-35, F
Oct 4, 2009