All the Cool Titles Are Taken...

I wanted to call my story "Stranger Than Fiction"...can't use that now...

I want to write a book about my childhood abuse, and i am considering hiding it in the guise of fiction, as most of the perpetrators are still alive...There are also many things I can't clearly recall, so I am "fictionalizing" those events, but still trying to keep them as real as possible.

I have written up to age 11, and my mother refuses to read it.  LOL, imagine that!!

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My first novel Innocents Payback by malcolm audax is about child abuse and I am almost halfway into the follow on of it so it you would like any help/advice then please feel free to contact me anytime.<br />
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Your very brave. Good for you.I learned to tie my shoes with my father standing over me with a belt.

i wanted to write about my childhood too and make it "fiction" but i wondered how many people would read a fictional book about a little girl getting her *** beat with a hammer and so on... then again i would have read it as a teenager... good luck :)