Secrets Pt 7

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Chapter 7

Running. I just keep running. Why does my arm hurt so much? I finally stopped and examined my arm. My arm is bleeding, but how?
Is that a gun? I gotta run for cover. I press onto my wounded arm to try to stop the bleeding, and started running.
I hear a bullet ricochet from the wall next to me, but it missed me.
Oh ****! It's getting closer.
Is that Damon? I felt someone grab me by the waist, it was so dark, I couldn't see what this person looked like, and ran in what seem like the speed of light. When we were in a safe distance, this stranger let go of my waist and grabbed my wounded arm. He pressed his thumb at the spot where it was bleeding. The stranger pulled out the bullet. When I finally opened my eyes, it was Damon in his immortal form. Damon looks sad. Why would he be sad? Is it because I got shot?
I put my hand on Damon shoulder, "Damon, it's fine. The guardian angels were bound to find us and would try to kill one of us."
Damon pointed at the puddle of water nearby. I looked into it. I was shocked at what I saw. My skin became white as snow. Black marks on my face. A mark that looked like I got stitches on my nose. My eyes literally look like a night sky on a full moon, which are my pupils. My hair still looked the same, brown in the front and white in the back.
I felt a hand on my shoulder and heard a creepy voice in my ear, "This world will be mine. Your companions will be mine. Your family will be mine. Your love will be mine. Soon, oh very soon, you will be all mine."

I woke in a cold sweat. I jumped outta bed and rushed to the bathroom mirror. My appearance show no signs of change. I look the same. No marks. My eyes are green as a cat's, which is odd. I looked closer in the mirror and pulled on my skin. No changes.
I checked my arm where, in my dream, it was wounded. Nothing. Just a long black mark that runs from my shoulder to my middle and ring fingers.
"Marcel, is there something wrong?" Damon stands at the door rubbing his good eye. His hair is so messy that his bangs aren't covering his grey and black eye. I can fully see his scars on his right cheek. It might just be my eyes, but I see that he has his snakebites, upper lip ring, and nose ring on where I saw them when we first met. Of course, he is shirtless, showing his built body. Oh god! Thinking about his body makes me blush. I hope he doesn't notice. "if you are trying to tell me something telepathically, don't even bother. Since I just woke up, any telepathic message will sound all fuzzy to me and it just gives me a headache."
"oh no, I'm not trying to talk to you through thought. I'm just thinking to myself," I said turning pink of my previous thought.
"oh. Heh I'm guessing you were thinking of something really embarrassing," he walks up to me. My heart races because of thoughts of what he might be thinking. He lifts my chin and looks at me in the eye. "as much as I'm curious as to why you are turning pink like a cherry blossom or just as how much I love the color of embarrassment on your adorable face, I'll show you how to keep your thoughts to yourself without anyone hearing it." he then kisses my forehead. Oh god! It felt like that kiss caused my face to turn red as a tomato. He starts laughing, just a little, and went back to his bedroom.
"uh, Damon! Are you wearing your piercings?" I called out to him.
"you finally noticed? Interesting." Damon laughed as he passed by the bathroom.
"well, I'm sorry. In the mornings, I don't notice things as quickly as I do when I'm wide awake."
Damon laughs, "I'm guessing you didn't notice that we slept in the same bed last night."
My face got redder, "w-what?"
"relax. We didn't do anything," that's reassuring. "besides, you were holding me so tightly on chest, I could barely move."
"a-and you didn't wake me?!" I was turning red again.
"you looked like an angel while you slept, how could I ruin that?" Damon smiled. He then grabbed me around my waist. "c'mon let's get some breakfast."

We walk into the living room. We ate breakfast with everyone else, except Priest.
"does Priest eat?" I asked while putting a fork full of scrambled eggs in my mouth.
"Nah, he doesn't. Priest mostly feeds on our energy," Jacob explains.
"our energy?" I asked.
"just extra emotional energy. Immortals sometimes give off extra amounts of emotional energy and Priest simply feeds on it," DJ replies.
"but isn't Priest an immortal?" I asked again.
"that's true, but he has adapted from consuming a new young immortal's emotional energy, because they produce much more of it causing mood swings, to the point, he doesn't need to consume food anymore," DJ and Jacob explained together. I looked over at Damon and I see his eyes deeply angered.
"you guys know that I hate it when you two finish each other's sentences," Damon said irritated.
"we know, but we are twins, we are made that way," DJ and Jacob said.
"guys, it's too early for this," Damon massages his temples as he closes his eyes.
"aren't you guy two fraternal twins?" I asked.
"yes," they said at the same time.
"so how-"
"leave we must! Coming the guardian angels. To claim their future leader they will. Leave we must!" Priest shouts. I'm guessing Priest could sense them coming to get me back. Of course, hence him warning us.
Before I knew it, arrows started coming up from the balcony. When I blinked, Damon was in front of me in his immortal form.
MARCEL, WE HAVE TO GO TO THE CIRCLE, NOW. I nodded. I let Damon grab me by my waist and he started running.
DAMON! WAIT! IT'S A TRAP! I could hear DJ's voice warning Damon, but it was too late. Damon tripped over a line that couldn't be visible, even if you are holding it. Damon landed on his back as I land on him. I could tell he was in pain, but to him, it didn't matter as long as I'm fine.
"Damon, are you alright?" I still asked anyways because I'm worried about him. He nodded. Then his eyes looked at something behind me and was shocked.
When I noticed his eyes, I felt someone pulling my bangs back. Not so much of a pulling, more of a yanking. This person went whispered in my ear. "Marcel, why do you care about this monster?" I could recognize his voice. When he forcefully turned my head to face him, it confirmed my guess. It was Guy. Nothing about him changed except his eyes. His eyes were so brown that it looked black, but his eyes are now a grey color. "Marcel, accept your destiny. Be our leader. Lead the Guardian Angels like your ancestors have been doing for centuries! Be our Head Angel! This is your fate! Your destiny!"
"No, it's not!" I struggled to break free. "I'm destined to set the immortals free. My fate is to die for Damon!"
Guy growled and yanked my hair harder. This time, I let out yelp. "He brainwashed you, Marcel. How can you trust someone you just met and turn your back on your beat friend who saved your life and your own family? You have to understand, Marcel, that God doesn't want them in heaven! They are evil!" Guy yanked even harder. I tried so hard to not let any tears of pain roll off my face, but one tear started rolling off my face.
Before I could open my eyes, Guy let my hair go over a sudden. When I opened my eyes, Damon has Guy in the same death hold like he did just a week ago.
"B-but, Damon..." I tried to speak.
GO NOW! I started running out of the house, but there were other guardian angels at the entrance. These guardian angels weren't anyone I never met before. These were my relatives. My grandma, my three aunts, and my two uncles. Possibly my younger cousins were still too young for this world of war. I try to run away but I couldn't. I'm frozen in fear.
"My special muffin, please, don't run from us. We are your family. Why must you runaway from your family for a boy you just met?" my grandma said. She struggled to say the word "boy" as if Damon didn't deserve the title of being human.
"Marcel, it is your destiny to lead us when my brother dies in one of these battles. Please, lead us. Be the head angel!" one of my uncles said.
"don't fall for the spell this boy has put upon you. He's not working for Our Heavenly Father. He's against Him. Please, Marcel, be our leader," one of my aunts said.
I can't just believe them. I feel like what they are saying is pure ignorance. They believe what they were taught to believe. It was forced upon them. They didn't even get the chance to think for themselves. Do they honestly think that I'm gonna fall for what their trap? Fall for their belief?
I didn't move for a minute and neither did they. They think I'm going to accept their version of my destiny. That's how I want them to think.
"come, Marcel," my other aunts comforts me. "don't worry about a thing. I know it's hard to find out about someone you thought you can trust is deceiving you."
"yes, it is," I replied. My grandma, aunts, and uncles bought it. If only they knew what I meant when I said that. They let me go outside and I noticed there is a circle on the ground in front of me. I stepped on it and hoped something might happen. I stand there for a minute until my relatives noticed I'm not following them. When they finally noticed, they tried entering the circle, but something shocked them.
"what the bloody hell?" one of my uncles screamed.
"Marcel, don't worry. We'll get you out!" my grandma called. I can't believe it, they still don't get it. "Oh dear, we can't get in!"
"No. The heir to become the Head Angel is trapped!" one of my other aunts said.
"I'm not trapped. I'm safe," I replied.
"What do you mean, dear?" my grandma said. "we are here to keep you safe."
"No, you are not! You guys lie about my destiny! You guys say that my destiny is to lead all of you, but in reality, you guys are pulling me away from what I'm suppose to do! What I'm really here for! To free them all! To stop this madness! This ignorance! This fear! Just to end this world once and for all!" I lift up my marked hand. Wind started blowing around the circle. "this mark appears on our ancestors hands for a reason. Not to show who is the real Head Angel or to show who will be the next Head Angel among siblings. But so that I could know about this world before you all force your belief down my throat! I would be an abomination to you right now because I am both Guardian Angel and Immortal!"
They stood there and stared at me. They were shocked not because of what I said, but something else and I already know what it might be.
"Marcel! How could you?" my grandma said. Her tone of voice seems like I just in front of her. But I know what she's thinking, "how could you disgraced us all?"
MARCEL! MARCEL, WHERE ARE YOU? I CAN'T FIND YOUR MENTAL LINK! CAN YOU HERE ME? I could hear Damon's getting closer. I put my arm down. Closed my eyes. I just simply sat down in a meditation pose. I only focused on the sounds around the circle.
"Marcel! What the-?" "Mother! Run!" "Give me your best shot, demon!" "Sister, take Mother away from here! We got to protect the Main Source!" Main Source? Does Grandma have a special ability to have the Main Source?
It suddenly went quiet. I opened my eyes to see Damon in his human form, exhausted. His bangs covering his right eye. I stood up and walked out of the circle, out of my protection from my family. I grabbed Damon's hands, covered in blood, and put my forehead on his.
I THOUGHT I LOST YOU. The way he said it was complete sadness. I lifted Damon's face so his eyes could meet mine. I just smiled.
"You are not gonna get rid of me that easily," I said. I just held him, but he didn't hug back. I knew that moment of not finding my Mental Link scared him half to death.
Damon shifted his body and gave me a passionate kiss. It's interesting. This time, the kiss seemed different. Instead of a feeling of a spark or fireworks, it felt like this is my fate, to be Damon's lover. To be the one to love him in good and bad times. What have I done?
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It's fine really. I lik sum action besides luv. Plus, it's good exercise for me cuz nevr did action/adventure. It brings a lil twist I guess

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