Secrets Pt 14

[Note: this is the last chapter of Secrets. I actually have no idea how to end a story so bear with me. Anyways, enjoy and I hope there isn't any mistakes because I took so long typing it. Thank you and I will start a new storyline. Enjoy ^_^]

Chapter 14

Guy crouched next to me. Smiling, enjoying that I'm unable to move. "Too bad that your demon can't help you, Damon. Mostly the fact that Diamond is not under your control anymore."
"Wh-what are you talking about?" I struggled to speak.
"You can't sense it? What a shame. Your demon is one of the demons that are forced to pass through poor Marcel and choking him. It's your fault that your demon is hurting Marcel. They are trying to kill him and once that happens, it will all be your fault," Guy said.
No...I can't let Guy influence me, is my fault. If I didn't arrive in Oregon, Marcel wouldn't be suffering right now.
Everything is getting dark. Darker...darker...
Who's that?
Who's there?
YO WAKEUP YOU DUMBASS... many of you are there?
wait...don't go...

A white light is shining in my face. I blink my eyes to see clearly. When I could focus, there were six people in front of me. Mom, Dad, DJ, Jake, Priest, and Marcel. No, if Mom and Dad are there, then that means...Tears started to well up in my eyes nearly blinding my vision.
"Damon, Marcel is a lovely young man. Smart, passionate, gentle, and not to mention good looking," Mom said as she gently touches Marcel's shoulder.
"Uh, this is kinda embarrassing," Marcel blushed as he scratches his head.
"But Marcel is a wonderful boy, isn't he? Mr. Williamson," Priest said with his hands behind his back.
"I must admit. Marcel is a good match for Damon, Lancea," Dad said with a smile on his face. I haven't seen him smile in front of me in years. "Marcel is a bright young man. Loyal as well. It's rare to find men like you." Dad gripping at Marcel's shoulder.
"What do you boys think of Marcel?" Priest continued.
"To be honest, I never met anyone like Marcel. Even though when the odds seemed against him, he will try his best to pull through," Jake said.
"I have to agree with my brother. Matter of fact, he could've been a great warrior, if we at least taught him how fight," DJ admitted. Despite his complaints on how weak Marcel is and he is just as wimpy as a girl, it sort of surprised me how he would just compliment Marcel like he did.
Then, my vision started to blur. I can't see them. I hear a voice. "Damon...Damon..."
Who is it?

I snap my eyes open. I looked around. Marcel is still on the floor, choking and crying, but he's able to speak. Priest is standing still with his arms raised, and a pitch black cloud passing through his body from Marcel's body.
Jake and DJ are still fighting ferociously. DJ's bandana is ripped off, revealing his mark. Jake never needed a bandana because his weapon was wrapped around his face, which is a whip. They always worked as a team. Jake does the whip, weakening the enemy, and DJ does the sword, finishing off the enemy. They were the first Immortal twins, and they were considered the most dangerous pair of Immortals to come across. They always have a rhythm between each other. I guess that's how they do it.
"D-D-DAMON!" Marcel called out.
I looked at Marcel and bolted towards him. Right beside Marcel was Guy, cut up and bloodied, clinging to life. Marcel pointed, or at least tried to point, at Guy.
"H-he's d-d-dying..." Marcel stuttered.

I look at Guy, trying to talk to me. As I got close to Guy, I could hear his voice very faintly.
"'t...let...h-him...d-die..." Those were Guy's last words. Despite the fact, I hate his ***, I admire him. I know in my gut that Guy knew that Marcel was going to be the savior of the Immortals, he just doesn't want to admit it to anyone. Guy hoped that one day, Marcel will return home and be with him and everything will be alright. Sadly, that's not the case. Guy just died in front of me and Marcel is still choking, clinging to life.
"D-Damon, i-is Guy d-dead?" Marcel asked, struggling to speak.
I don't know what to tell Marcel. If I tell him the truth, his mind wouldn't be calm. But if I lie to him, he would sense that and feel devastated that I lied to him.
Ok, Mom.
"Marcel, just focus on what you're doing. Guy is with you and will be guiding you through it all," I said, resisting to let a tear fall off my face.
"D-Damon, it's o-ok. I'll b-be just f-fine," Marcel said as he put the last of his physical strength touching my cheek and wipe away a tear that has escaped my right eye, the eye whose muscles could not see or feel. Strangely, I could feel Marcel's gentle touch and begin to see more clearly. I could actually see my black hair covering my eye. I blink twice. I couldn't believe it. I could see from both of my eyes. It was a miracle.
I look down at Marcel. He lay there smiling. Perfectly calm. He stopped choking. Marcel sat up straight and began to stand up. I rise up next to him, completely shocked that Marcel is alright.
"Marcel?" I said, still in shock that he isn't choking anymore.
"Damon, it's all over now. God spared my life and brought Lancea home," Marcel said as he put his hand on my shoulder. "We can go home now, Damon."

I blinked my eyes. I'm still sitting next to Guy's bloody dead body and now Marcel's. What I thought was reality turned out to be a vision of what can't be physically seen. I looked down at Marcel's corpse and started to cry.
" NO! Marcel! Please wake up, Marcel! You can't be dead! No, wake up! I promised to protect you no matter what! Marcel!" I gripped onto Marcel tightly. He was limp like his body doesn't want to move anymore because there is no soul inside to move it. I cried on Marcel's body, praying that God would bring him back.
I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Damon, I'm sorry. There was no way of me to save Marcel from the hands of death." I looked to see who the voice belong to. It was Priest. Weird, his way of speaking has disappeared. "I've tried my very best to tell God to spare his life, but God believed it was his time."
"You heard him, Damon. Marcel was meant to die," DJ said in his human form.
"But look on the bright side, we are no longer Immortals. We can live human lives again," Jake said, also in human form, trying to brighten my mood.
"Also, the Guardian Angels have disappeared. Each and every member lost their memories that has anything to with the Guardian Angels and the purpose as to how and why they are here. They all left out into the city hoping to return home. As for Marcel's parents, they have forgotten about Marcel, believing they never had a child," Priest said.
"Ok...can I bury Marcel?" I said trying not to sound like I was crying.
"Damon, it's fine to cry. Marcel wouldn't want you to hold in emotions. I know Destiny wouldn't want me to," DJ said trying to comfort me.
"That's nice of you to say to our little brother, DJ. Of course, you can, Damon. Marcel would want you to do that for him," Jake said.

I found a nice place to bury Marcel, along with both Immortal and Guardian Angels who has died during the Ritual. I was going to bury this journal with Marcel, but I know he didn't want me to do that. So I continue to write in this journal. When I got home, I saw my reflection and I looked like the older version of the boy who was suppose to die in that fire 4 years ago. I started recording the events that came to past. As I wrote about the vision, I felt a warm hand on my shoulder and a voice, "Damon, I would want people to know of this secret world that hides in plain sight of the human world. Don't believe you didn't protect me. You did and it was my time to go. Thank you for coming into my life and I never regretted meeting you. This is goodbye, but I will always be with you" Then, I felt a kiss on my cheek.
I turn around to see where the voice came from. No one was in the room with me. Was it really Marcel? Most likely because when I turn to continue writing, I see a picture of us, smiling and holding hands. I started to cry, not of sadness, but of happiness. Thank you, Marcel and I will fulfill your wish.

Here's the basic fact: This world we live in, has its secrets. Even the world described in this journal, it is only half of the secrets this world has.
No one will remember Marcel. Probably by now, people have forgotten about him. The secret of knowing him will stay with Priest, DJ, Jacob, and me until we all die. But this journal will be the only documentation of Marcel's existence. Sadly, it wouldn't be considered as legit documentation because it sounds like a story of fiction. Believe what you believe. Whether Marcel existed and saved our souls, or he was just a character that I made up. The thing that matters to me that Marcel's memory will continue on, whether someone who saved us or a fictional character.
Be aware of your surroundings because this world will try to hide things from you, keeping its secrets. I bid you farewell and have happy lives. Be grateful of the things you have because, possibly, someday they will vanish.

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