Her Knight Of Humanity

[Note: Hey look! I'm not dead! Anyways, here's another story with many parts. Please leave comments to I could improve anything. Now, here's the prologue. Enjoy.)

Her Knight of Humanity


The wind blowing carelessly through her dark blue hair. The rain wipes away her tears off her pale skin. I am just watching her cry in the rain. Mom and Dad told my twin brother, Cain, and I not to venture outside without when they are away, especially in the rain. But I feel like I just need to do this, just this once, disobey them, because this 12 year old girl is crying. I hate feeling like I can't do anything that I have to do, even though I was only 4 years old.
I looked behind me and I see my babysitter still choosing what movie to watch with us. I looked at Cain and gestures him to come to me. He got off the couch and ran towards me.
"What is it?" He asked.
"There's a girl outside," I said.
"Like Vicky?"
"I don't know. She's outside."
"Can you watch Vicky? I'm gonna to the girl."
"Why? We aren't suppose to go outside."
"I know, but watch Vicky so she won't come outside."
"Ok, Warren. Don't get sickie, ok?"
Then, Cain ran back to the living room. The moment he starts distracting Vicky, I started going outside to see the girl. I was in luck, she was still there. I started running towards her in the rainstorm. When I got to her, she was just sitting by the tree, looking up at the rain and mumbling, "Why? Why did I...? Why? Why didn't I just...?" She's completely unaware of my presence.
"Uh, hi..." I spoke. She looked around to see who spoke and she saw me.
"Well, hello, little one. Why are you doing outside in the rain? You should really head home or to your," she paused,"parents before you catch a cold," she said. I don't remember if I noticed her pause at that time, but I remember what I said.
"Where's your mommy and daddy?"
She just laughed. "Well, little one, that's a long story."
"I can stay for awhile." Then, I just sat next to her.
She was reluctant to tell me, but she gave in. "Well, it started when my mom and dad told me that I was engaged to marry my best friend, Tomer. I only saw him as a friend, but not a fiancé."
"What's a fiancé?" I interrupted with question.
"It's someone you are going to marry to," she explained.
"'kay 'kay. Keep going, please."
"Well, I was angry. I'm a...a pureblood vampire. The thing about purebloods, we marry another pureblood to keep the bloodline pure. I didn't wanna marry Tomer, but he actually wanted to marry me..." I could tell she didn't feel comfortable telling me that she is a pureblood so I didn't who they were.
"Anyways, I ran outside in anger and frustration. Then, I saw a large group of vampires started charging towards my house. I could sense their lust for blood. That's when I knew that they weren't just any group of vampires, this was an army of lunatic vampires. I warned my parents, Tomer, and his parents. Our parents told us to run and they will take care of the army. So we both ran away and our parents ran towards the army. I didn't look back, but Tomer did and he saw a lunatic vampire chasing after us. Tomer stopped and start fighting the lunatic vampire. I noticed that Tomer was running beside me so I stopped and started running towards him. He yelled out to me, 'Stop! Keep running! Go on without me! Go now!' And I listened to him. I ran, but when I got into a far enough distance to still view the battle scene and the lunatic vampire won't notice where I am. From where I stood, I see three vampires. Completely sane and two of them went behind my and Tomer's moms and..." the scene she was thinking about was too graphic for a kid my age so she simply said, "killed them in a very horrible way. Then, they used their elemental powers to burn my father along with Tomer's father. The third vampire just simply walked over toward Tomer...
"I was too scared to see what he'll do to him so I ran before I could see Tomer get killed," she finishes her story and started crying again. She bent over and covered her face to hide her tears. I felt sorry for her because she just lost her family and the only way I can comfort her was to hug her.
"That's really sad, but your mommy, daddy, or Tomer aren't gone forevers. They're in your heart, just like what my Nana tell me when great Paps died. He really isn't gone, just in my and my brother's hearts," I said to try to comfort the girl.
"That's very sweet of you to say, little one," she smiled with still tears running down her face. Then, she frowned and looked into my eyes. What I could only remember from that moment is her violet eyes. The next thing I remember was a voice saying, "Forget what you heard. Vampires don't exist. Lunatic vampires don't exist. Purebloods don't exist. You never saw me. You will forget me." Then, within a blink of an eye, she was gone. I was wondering why that voice told me these lies that was fed into me. I knew from that moment that vampires exist and her attempt to hypnotize me proved it.

Three years went by and my little punishment for going outside in the rain was long gone along with the cold. I didn't fully forget her, but she in the back of my mind.
It was snowing and Cain and I decided to ride our sled on our down hill street. Eventually, we took turns by riding down on our own. It was my second time and I slide down the hill when a car came out of nowhere. I braked the sled, but the person in the car couldn't see me and continued driving. I was frozen in fear. I could hear my brother shouting to the driver to stop and shouting at me to get out of the way. I was too scared to even blink let alone jump out of the way.
As the car started to approach me, I felt that everything went into slow motion. Then out of the blue, someone pulled me out the way with great speed. It was then that I saw her again, the pale, black haired, violet eyed girl. Something doesn't seem right about her. Three years went by, but she looks like she only aged a year like she just turned thirteen.
"it's you! The girl crying under our tree in the rain three years ago!" I exclaimed hoping that she could remember me. Her shocked expression sent me a message that I wasn't suppose to know her.
"Warren! Are you ok?" Cain called out after he heard my voice after the car passed us. He looked in my direction and started running towards us. "Who's she?"
"This is the girl I told you about when we were four," I introduced him to her. She didn't look pleased.
"No way! She's real! I thought you were joking so you could go outside in the rain."
"Nope. She's real and saved my life."
"No, you weren't supposed to remember me," the girl said.
"What do you mean?" I asked. She started freaking out. Her right hand went through her long bluish-black hair and her left hand is on her hip as she looks on the ground hoping there is a solution written on there.
"Ok." She put her hands on our shoulders and looked into our eyes. Then, blank. I could remember the same voice from three years ago telling me to forget about her and everything that just happened.
When I came to consciousness, she was gone, but not the memory about her. I asked Cain where did she go, but he asked who. It seem has though he never met her. I know he wasn't lying because he had a complete confused look on his face. So what the girl tried to do to me three years ago and just now worked on Cain, but strangely not to me. Cain forgot her, but I didn't. How could that be possible? How could Cain forget while I didn't? I asked the same questions for a month, but then the questions joined in with the memory of the girl in the back of my mind.

A year later, it was a sunny day with the occasional clouds, but it's still cold. Cain and I were just playing on our PS2, trying to kick each other's character's *****, with our parents laughing at our frustration and making comments on how alike we are when it comes to mindless video games. Then, we all heard the door broke down. Dad went to see what happened. Little did I know it would be the last time I see him alive.
Soon Cain and I heard Mom shout to us to run upstairs in the bathroom. Then I saw who killed Dad and he is drinking Mom's blood. Cain pulled me upstairs and started running.
"Cain! Let go! We gotta help Mom!" I shouted at him.
"No! We can't! If we do, we'll get killed by that thing!" He replied. After he replied, we were in our room, instead of the bathroom, and locked the door.
"I think it was a vampire, Cain," I said.
"Warren, you are supposed to be the one who knows those kind of things don't exist," Cain said.
"But the girl told me about them and that she's one of them."
"Again with the girl. War, she doesn't exist! I never saw her. I met her! Stop pretending that I did!" Then, the vampire broke down our door.
"Well, I hate eating my victims after they argued with each other, but I'm starving and your blood smell good," the vampire said. "I even smell a hint of Pureblood on your unbitten skin. You two will surely be tasty. I'll savor each and every drop of your blood." The vampire starts approaching us slowly while Cain and I slowly backed up towards a corner. When we both hit the corner the vampire continued to get closer. We knew this would be the end. When the vampire was close to our window, someone broke through it and started attacking the vampire. The vampire was fighting with his long, sharp nails on both of his hands while his attacker was fighting with its left hand only which its nails weren't as long. I thought at first the vampire was going to win, but his attacker's great speed used it to its advantage. For every passing second, Cain and I could barely see the attacker, but it was putting deep scratch marks on the vampire. When the vampire started bleeding severely, the attacker stopped and made its final blow deep inside the vampire's heart. The attacker took out the vampire's heart and said, "A mere disgrace. An abomination. This is what happens when you leave your master. You become a blood-thirsty serial killer whose thirst could never be quenched." Then starts drinking the vampire's blood from the heart. "But I need your blood to recover my lost energy from what the sun took." The voice so familiar, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it at first. Then, I remembered the girl.
When the attacker turned to greet us, I said, "You're the girl from a year ago and four years ago, but you look the same from the last time we saw you."
"This is her?" Cain asked in shock of what he just witnessed.
Again, she shocked that I remembered her, but she was quickly to forget what I said and pointed out the issue at hand. "Ok, I'm deeply sorry, but your parents are dead. Don't worry, I know someone, a former vampire hunter, and I'll try to convince him to take you guys in. Do you guys trust me?"
I already trusted her the moment I met her, but Cain is uncertain because she is a vampire who just killed another vampire in cold blood. But he didn't distrust for long. When she brought us to this man who is willing to take us in, Cain started to trust her.

For the past two years, Cain and I lived with Isaac, the former vampire hunter, and have been visited by Rei, the girl, once in every month. Cain and I have been attending a local private school that is an elementary, middle, and high school in one. It also provides housing for those students who don't live locally because Isaac is a high school teacher there. Isaac got this kind of job because former vampire hunters open this school to keep the families of these hunters safe from the Vampire Hunters Society, the VHS. Not so much protection from vampires, but from that lifestyle.
Speaking of vampires, the headmaster of the school was thinking about bringing peace between humans and vampires so she could prove that we all could live in harmony and we don't need to have the VHS. It would be a good demonstration considering the majority of the students have no idea about vampires living among us besides Cain and me. Plus, they were thinking of giving the vampire class more advance classes because they age 1/3 of a year so they automatically live longer than humans. That explains why Rei barely ages throughout the time I have seen.
One day, Rei was going to the private school to know which vampire is going to be in that class, and she stopped by our house for a visit. So I waited for her arrival by the window. It started to snow, but I could still see her walking towards the house. I got excited and ran outside without a jacket. She saw me and smiled, but then she frowned. There was danger ahead and I'm going to be in the middle of it. Then, I heard a snarling. It was a lunatic vampire.
Rei disappeared within a blink of an eye. Next thing I knew, both Rei and the lunatic vampire where close to a yard away from me. Rei was fighting with all her might. The lunatic vampire won't let her use her speed. Rei uses her speed to her advantage because she's very skilled with her left despite the fact she's right handed. I always wondered why she uses one hand to fight, but this fight gave me the answer to that question.
Rei fights in normal speed and with both of her hands. Blood was spilling everywhere. The lunatic's blood was tainting her beauty. Soon enough, Rei used her right hand to rip his heart out and killed him. When Rei turned to me, I couldn't help but state at her right hand. She looked into the direction I was staring at. Rei started to cry and collapsed onto the snow. She cried onto her bloody right hand and disappeared before I could comfort her.
The next day, I saw her in the morning and asked her what had happened. She just told me that that incident was a wake up call for her to stop killing lunatic vampires for their blood, and try to live off of donated blood and imitation. I understand that she needs lunatic vampire blood to help her walk around during the day, but I always wondered if she would last long with donated human blood and imitation blood.

A month later, vampires became the high class considering that the majority of vampire students belong to a very wealthy vampire family. So now Able's Academy has three classes: the Standard Class, the Advanced Class, and the High Class. The High Class is mostly interacting with the Advanced Class because of the level of intelligence both classes contains. The High Class and the Advanced Class would be the demonstration needed to prove harmony can be done among vampires and humans. Rei would be in that class so I tried my best to be in the Advanced Class so I could see her. I made it and so did my brother. But my efforts were later shown unnecessary because Cain and I were granted a special role of being the Enforcers of Discipline, but that the title for the humans. We have a different title among the vampires. It is the Keepers, we make sure the secret of the existence of the vampire race is kept under wraps. We patrol the High Class dorms at night, while they are awake, and the Advance Class building during the afternoon while the humans and vampires are among each other. Oh well, I get more time to see Rei.
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